Detoxing the Mind

In an obviously toxic world, we who follow the way of Love must take time out to detox our minds. The best detox of course is not letting stuff in there in the first place. But as our Godless culture and leaders make that very difficult if next to impossible (unless you move to Alaskan bush country), we have a few tools at our disposal. The first tool is the most important. It is prayer. Putting ourselves purposefully before the Creator of the universe has a way of purifying our minds. It is excellent therapy and relationship with that which our soul longs for most. Second tool is silence. While this one is more challenging, especially with young ones bouncing off walls and screaming like red shouldered hawks and a myriad of chores and duties and work, etc. The thing is, silence is attainable if you want it bad enough. We absolutely need silence to process and determine what to keep and what to dispose of in our thoughts. How can we sort through and test these thoughts that pop into our brains if we can’t hear ourselves think. Even if we take a fifteen minute break in our rooms with locked door and sit in a chair or lay on our beds and just sort out and process what came into our view or thoughts today. This is I valuable because it introduces us to our God given right and power and duty to think and take control of our own minds so we can speak honestly with God and give Him the garbage to dispose of and share the treasures and thank Him for the blessings. Time alone in silence is an immeasurably valuable resource. Third tool we have going for us is exercise. Whether it is circuit training or cardio or playing tennis, whatever, when we work on exercising the body, it also gives the mind clarity. What we do with our bodies affects our minds. And exercise gives energy which reduces fatigue which can distort the mind. So it is a cycle. The fourth and last tool I mention right now is seeing things through your child’s eyes. Listening to their innocent vantage point and pure view of life brings clarity and laughter, which purifies, and gives you a much better example of how to view the world.

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