Living, Loving God

So, we have a living, loving God, THE living, loving God as our Father. There are expectations there to act like it but mostly to stay close in relationship to our loving, living God. Then, we have to reflect our living, loving God to other people. We need to be alive with people, alongside them and love them by helping where we can and expecting nothing back. This is how we bring God glory and show His magnificence to people.😄❤❤❤

Reading Avec ou Sans La Vie

We who read live the book. A good author can take us places, lead us in new experiences, share new perspectives with us, give new insights. But a book, no matter how amazing, will only take you so far. You have to at some point put the book down and pick up the car keys and take a road trip and stop and stay a bit where you get tired then keep going.

The great thing about reading is that in my life, it made me want to travel more, live more. It fosters an exchange with life experiences. And keeping a journal allows you to transfer those experiences to paper to share with others. Then it comes full circle. Reading without living life is knowledge without conversion to understanding or wisdom. We all had text book teachers and life experience teachers. Who knew more to teach us?

Same principle applies to us in Christ. We read the Book, love the Book, but it must inspire to action, to experience Christ’s way of living and action to grow wiser and more effective.❤

Romans 8:1-8

“So now, those who are in Christ Jesus are not judged guilty.  Through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit that brings life made you free from the law that brings sin and death.  The law was without power, because the law was made weak by our sinful selves. But God did what the law could not do. He sent his own Son to earth with the same human life that others use for sin. By sending his Son to be an offering for sin, God used a human life to destroy sin.  He did this so that we could be the kind of people the law correctly wants us to be. Now we do not live following our sinful selves, but we live following the Spirit. Those who live following their sinful selves think only about things that their sinful selves want. But those who live following the Spirit are thinking about the things the Spirit wants them to do.  If people’s thinking is controlled by the sinful self, there is death. But if their thinking is controlled by the Spirit, there is life and peace.  When people’s thinking is controlled by the sinful self, they are against God, because they refuse to obey God’s law and really are not even able to obey God’s law.  Those people who are ruled by their sinful selves cannot please God.” – Romans 8:1-8

Not Dead Yet

Life is fully available until we die. Think about that. Every second holds as much potential for action, encouragement, meaning, love, joy, peace, power, faithfulness, creativity, goodness, gentleness, magnificence as every second before it and every one after. The enemy’s greatest too lately (other than our pride) is distraction. If you can get someone to use up their seconds focusing on something unimportant or disconnected from reality or bad or slanderous or ugly or rebellious or fraudulent, that is that much less of the good stuff you can accomplish. Think about it. As I tell my kids, “God gave you a good brain. Use it.” You start to think that you don’t want to waste your potential for good on distraction of evil. It would be a waste of a life and we are not dead yet. That will come in due time. For now, we have a chance to carry good into eternity or be distracted and waste that chance. I choose to live. I choose to serve and further good and growth and mother whatever children cross my path and love whoever is put in my journey. I choose life forever. With God, this happens. He digs us choosing Him. I would rather be valuable for Him than useless for me now and happen save nothing to show for it later. I am not dead yet. I refuse to act like it. Been there, done that. It does not satisfy for long. I will live my potential.

Seizing the Day

Carpe diem (seize the day). I loved the several movies I saw on this topic, some made me cry and some just really laugh, but always make me think. Whether it was Bucket List or Dead Poet’s Society, or many others, the position is pro living life and pro journey and pro not settling. We humans tend to settle and get and want to be rhythmic to the time of everyone else. We want easy, safe, balanced and there is nothing at all wrong with that. However, as a life, you have to dig deep to come back up with a memory. There is life to be lived. And while sometimes moderation is in order, other times God expects us to do something really big for Him or a thousand really small things with a smile. Living for Him is the key. seize the day.

On Hunting Dinosaurs for Health

Dinosaurs are extinct, they happened in the past. Yet they keep popping up all over the place. They are historical figures representing an event or problem or hardship or terror from the past. These dinosaurs died out a long time ago but just won’t stay dead. We revive them to make sense of it. We bring them back to look at them. Sometimes it even seems noble to learn from it or remind ourselves of what we survived. But the truth of it is that each time we resurrect these extinct dinosaurs who should stay extinct, we go against nature, we deprive ourselves of the food we need to live now by feeding creatures that should stay dead. By resurrecting dinosaurs and housing them, feeding them, paying them homage, we worship the beasts which are really dead shadows rather than living the now or preparing for the future. For our health, we must hunt the dinosaurs, kill them again, destroy the beasts before the distraction they provide eats away at our enjoyment of the nature and even God and His blessings and gifts for the moment. So to be healthy, we must hunt and kill the dinosaurs of the past and seek to acknowledge them no more in order to allow God to move us to a new level of living. The dead cannot help the living. The living must be done by people who are alive not clinging to dead dinosaurs. Life must be honored and valued and dead things cannot do that. Death celebrates death. Life celebrates God and live and truth and light and joy and peace and these things are so much better. So do yourself and your health a favor and hunt down your dinosaurs and kill them once and for all and live the way God made you to live- fully, passionately, personally, triumphantly, brilliantly, with joy and peace. Honor Him by living fully.

The Withering Rose

I have had a good friend whose Mother just left this planet for a better home, her body yielded up to the forces always at play around us. Fresh mourning for my sweet friend. Another good friend’s Grandmother is following closely behind, bless their dear hearts. And my own dear Father, my Daddy, I believe will not be that far behind. Many friends are going through chemo for cancers. The fragility of life is undeniable. The temporariness of it perplexes me, though the will can at times be such a powerful force. Our spirits and souls are eternal but this shell we live in exists so briefly and then withers away to release back the soul and spirit back to glory. And each new occurrance, especially my own experiences, humbles me and makes me not despondent or frustrated but extremely thankful, grateful for each moment of health, each moment of my kids’ health, each moment with the man I love, and life has taken on this immense sense of meaning and purpose and desire to live every moment as fully as I can. I want to travel with my best friend. I want to plant flowers and plants that will continue for years. I want to prepare my kids for a good life the best I can. I want to have fun with my children. I want to experience all aspects of love as often as possible. I want to give my daddy as many laughs as possible, even when he doesn’t know who I am. I want to help anyone who comes across my path that needs help. I want to play music and put music together to pass down. I want to paint and draw and write for my art to continue and encourage others to do or try to do so or borrow my art. I want passion in life to match the renewed passion I feel, new breath in my lungs, new skip in my step. I will not wither quietly. I will honor those I love, the living and the passed, by living as fully as I can. It is for those of us who remain to tend to the living and we ourslves live. We mourn, yes. We will miss these extraordinary people, supporters, friends, confidants, it will hurt to not have them to share life with. But. We will honor their memory best by carrying on their memory to another generation, by sharing their story and mostly by living a full rich life they would be honored by.