Putting It In God’s Hands Does Not Mean I Do Nothing

Prayer and Bible reading and salvation through Jesus Christ and even fellowship when possible (united we stand) are our greatest tools to stand firm in the face of anything- from the slightest inconvenience to the horrors of wayward children or the lies of mainstream media/ politicians to the deep need to reform the church back to God’s glory and not man’s to the very pits of hell. We have what we need to stand with and for God and be saved. And again, those tools are: salvation through Jesus Christ, prayer, Bible reading and fellowship when possible. And these are active things, they are energy-requiring things, they are purposeful things. And sometimes, when doing these things, the Holy Spirit tells you in your heart to do something else specifically. It may be serve someone who cannot help themselves, it may be to write a politician, it might be to blog, it might be to give money to a church or mission, it might be to tell others these tools so they may be saved, it may be to love someone unlovable or pray specifically for someone. God despises laziness, which is a sin. There are things to do and sometimes our tools are enough at the moment (again salvation through Jesus Christ, prayer, Bible reading and fellowship when possible) and sometimes more specifically is required. There are a lot of hurting people out there we need to consider and be on the lookout to help. This pleases God. Sometimes standing up against evil also includes standing up vocally or in a letter for what is right. Sometimes it means interfering to protect, show love and assist God in saving a soul. True, He can do it alone, but He builds your character and chooses to help others through us. It is His will and I never want to be against His will ever. ❤

Sometimes I’m Discouraged

There have been a lot of issues with my husband coming down unrealistically hard on my son and myself, quite frankly, while he is easy and very loving to my daughter. And my son rarely sees his dad because his controlling wife is even more abusive and is not allowed anywhere near my son. And he is growing despondent and moody, as his hormones are kicking in at 12 years of age. So I am almost in physical pain for him. He can do no right in my husband’s eyes, even if he does exactly what he wants. And I am a close second to doing nothing right. So I am also becoming depressed and discouraged. And ours is far from the only story like this. So tonight, I prayed with my son and after he went to sleep I prayed and prayed. And sometimes this is all you can do, friends. It and reading the Bible is all we got. Often lately. So use these tools. At least do something. Pray. Read Truth. Pray more. And God will reveal what to say and the right time or He will work on the situation. Come, Lord Jesus!❤

Journeys of the Mind

In the last year, I have gone through such a radical journey in my mind, it is difficult to remember who I was before this force-fed maturity. Lol I was this free-spirited, laughter – loving, self-sufficient woman with a firmly decisive view on life and how to live it. Having been through a series of losses and illness and caretaking and deaths, I careened into a cycle of falling apart and humbling myself, something no doubt long overdue in my life, but with more tears thrown in there than I have ever cried before in the entirety of my life. I was broken. I was damaged. I was lost for a bit. It was ugly because I felt truly alone inside, even with my living kids and husband who rallied to love me and a few amazing friends of new and old. And I tell you not for one minute did God ever give up on me or refuse to comfort every breakdown in tears. And I gradually started to get it. I started to see how this smart doctor really needed this series of events to appreciate simplicity and know God better and be humbled enough to grow as a woman into a deeper love of God. I am on Twitter and blog and cannot help but share God with everyone. He is so good. I know and understand this first hand. He resaved this little girl. I am nothing without His love and loving grace interference. I am so thankful that He rescued me from the mire of self-pity and depression I was falling into and restored His gift of laughter to me and seconded that gift with a new superpower: empathy. It is a heavy gift but a beautiful one because I am so much more connected with people around me and before I was always so weird and a bit, well, aloof, when it came to emotions. I saw them as weakness and now I see they have purpose and strength when utilized to help and comfort and release. There is and new me in here and most of this journey quite frankly occurred in my mind. I believe our journeys occur in our minds and hearts primarily and our physical manifestation is a long time coming, an ordeal of many years of internal devotion. This is why it is so important to keep our minds focused on Jesus Christ and His Word. This is why I often put scripture on Twitter and my blogs. This is why I read it and load up on Truth and teach my kids. We have to worship God with our minds and hearts before we can ever expect to serve Him and mankind with our lives. Our actions result from the ambitions and meanderings and obsessions of our minds and hearts. From this, we act. And God sees and looks at the heart and mind. He knows us better than anyone, having lovingly designed us and all, and He will judge our motivations first and foremost and actions second. It is impertinent we keep a clean house of our mind and heart. This journey is first of the mind. We must think and feel God and Truth and Light and keep feeding on these healthy things. This journey may be hard and arduous but if we use the right tools of God’s Word, prayer, humility, self-control, it will seem shorter, easier, more peaceful and joyful. ❤

Detoxing the Mind

In an obviously toxic world, we who follow the way of Love must take time out to detox our minds. The best detox of course is not letting stuff in there in the first place. But as our Godless culture and leaders make that very difficult if next to impossible (unless you move to Alaskan bush country), we have a few tools at our disposal. The first tool is the most important. It is prayer. Putting ourselves purposefully before the Creator of the universe has a way of purifying our minds. It is excellent therapy and relationship with that which our soul longs for most. Second tool is silence. While this one is more challenging, especially with young ones bouncing off walls and screaming like red shouldered hawks and a myriad of chores and duties and work, etc. The thing is, silence is attainable if you want it bad enough. We absolutely need silence to process and determine what to keep and what to dispose of in our thoughts. How can we sort through and test these thoughts that pop into our brains if we can’t hear ourselves think. Even if we take a fifteen minute break in our rooms with locked door and sit in a chair or lay on our beds and just sort out and process what came into our view or thoughts today. This is I valuable because it introduces us to our God given right and power and duty to think and take control of our own minds so we can speak honestly with God and give Him the garbage to dispose of and share the treasures and thank Him for the blessings. Time alone in silence is an immeasurably valuable resource. Third tool we have going for us is exercise. Whether it is circuit training or cardio or playing tennis, whatever, when we work on exercising the body, it also gives the mind clarity. What we do with our bodies affects our minds. And exercise gives energy which reduces fatigue which can distort the mind. So it is a cycle. The fourth and last tool I mention right now is seeing things through your child’s eyes. Listening to their innocent vantage point and pure view of life brings clarity and laughter, which purifies, and gives you a much better example of how to view the world.