The Perfect You

The perfect you is the one God made. He made you on purpose with great thought as to what qualities would make you unique and effective in the trade He gifted you with. Every hair on your head is numbered and placed by Him at birth and kept track of throughout your life. God knew how you would turn out and every awkward moment on your way to doing so. He gave you just the right guardian angels to protect you in every harmful situation until now and will continue until you go be with Him (provided you have called upon His Son in prayer for salvation) after this life is done. God cares about your happiness and wants you to let Him care for you and trust Him to handle all the problems you face. He, the God of the universe, wants to adopt you and befriend you. When you mourn, He longs to comfort you. He wants you to have peace and enjoyment in life with Him leading your way. He loves you. You are perfect to Him and very precious. When we compare our perfection to other people’s perfection, we can become envious of their gifts and forget our own, leading to insecurity and sadness and discontentedness. It is like telling God He screwed up and did bad work. When you criticize yourself, you criticize Him. When you hate on your body, you are declaring God’s craftsmanship to be flawed. Does God screw up? Does God commit flaws? The answer is of course no. So, we must allow Him to have done perfect work when He made you. And you must then celebrate His workmanship by taking care of it and thanking Him for it. We must not play the role of spoiled selfish children that pout and throw temper tantrums or sulk when things aren’t perfect in our own eyes. We must trust that perfect eyes know better than our imperfect ones. What a horrible and imbalanced world we would live in were we all alike and had the same gifts and characteristics! I think we should love and celebrate God and His workmanship and thank Him for all His blessings, which are many. Be the perfect you He made. This would be a great gift to Him. šŸ™‚

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