My Perfection

I have had a lot of people ask how I maintain my perfection. Bahahahaha! I am just kidding. So kidding. I just wanted to smile. I do not strive for perfection. I long ago accepted me as being as close to perfect as I can possibly get by being as humble as I possibly can to allow God’s perfection to flow through me. In fact, I know this little secret… lean in… ya ready?… wait for it…

No one is perfect no matter what they want you to think. In fact, the more together they look, the more messed up they probably are because they are trying too hard to cover it up. So there is the little secret. So no one ever fools me. I have frankly lived too long to buy that noise. But I know it of myself also.

The thing about striving to live truth and convey God’s truth is that you no longer get to lie to yourself either. I always need God. I need Him every minute of every day. He is my everything. God the Father is a constant loving Father. Jesus is a constant loving Father and the Holy Spirit is a constant loving Father. They are all God and I cannot live or function without Him. Does that mean I need a crutch? Absolutely, if that is what honesty is called to you, I own it happily and with great pride. I take pride most in my humbleness before God to allow Him to work through me. That is the flow I am most peaceful, joyful, etc. (you know the fruits of the Spirit).

When I give things immediately to God, I still have work to do, but as I do it I know His power is doing it and everything is easy. Yes, I said easy. Once you have wrestled down your pride (that is the hard part), the rest is easy.

So in review, perfect is not possible with people, humble is as perfect as possible for us, and God is perfect and will lovingly flow through you. And that is pretty perfect.😄❤


God in His Perfection

It has been impossible for me to stop talking about my Heavenly Father. I am sure you are tired of hearing it but my love for Him deepens every day, often every hour, and I long to share of His greatness. The perfection of God cannot be overstated, for it is the perfect blend of powerful love, beautiful glory, and sobering holiness. His creativity also embolden the breath of Him and nothing escapes His notice. He is everywhere and His grace and generosity accompany Him wherever He goes. Nothing is better than time alone with the Lord. Nothing fulfills like it or is sweeter.❤❤❤

The Secret of Being Perfectly Humble

The more I think of things I could brag about, like my extraordinary laugh and love of life, I immediately thank God who made me this way. When I want to brag about my intelligence, I know God who gave it to me can take it away anytime He wishes and is Himself about a trillion times smarter than I. When someone compliments my piano playing or joy while playing or amazing dance moves (lol), I have to tell them God gave me that ability and many have far more and actually practice (little confession there lol). When I am complimented on my great sense of humor, I cannot take credit for God gave it to me and His is way better. I mean have you really studied a sloth? So, for me, I am good at stepping forward and am fearless about being on stage to talk, speak, play or sing or whatever but that is also a gift from God of faith. Then really I am just doing what I am given to do by God and that requires His constant allowance and grace on me. And I have found the secret. The trick that makes me so successful at what I do and who I am is not a perfect life, I did not ever have one of those and since dating, men put me down constantly (way to go, men). The secret is not a perfect life or pretending you have one. The secret of success and seeming perfection is at the first sign of problems, drop everything and surrender. Get down on my knees immediately and humble myself before God. I admit freely that I am nothing without God who made every inch of me. So I tell Him I need His help and beg Him to help me. I am shameless. I am actually a little proud to have finally figured it out but that also was a gift from God. So you see, nothing on me is mine, not even my life! All I am or own is God’s. So humble is easy with that perspective. Totally opposite what the world rams down our faces. To be perfect you do not have to look perfect or act perfect or have a perfect facade and mask on, you simply have to be perfectly humble. God can flow and do more through you than you could dream of doing or controlling or forcing alone. All that is bunk and and distraction. God is it. He is! Humble yourself and give it up to God and pray. I dare you. It works. It is a great secret, my great secret. God saves through Jesus Christ and heals and protects and nd strengthens and provides, any and everything good is from Him. Be perfectly humble and pray and see what delights come from it, cool things like peace and joy and beauty in nature and so on. It is well worth the experiment. 🙂

The Perfect Man

The perfect man is always trustworthy and never lies. He is always, always faithful. He always appreciated and sees and encourages the natural beauty within you. He never takes your love for granted. He loves you more than his own life and would give his own to protect and save you if needs be. He would fight for you and honor your heart that beats for you. He would see you as perfect even on bad days or days you just are a mess or hostile. He would always be able to protect you from anything coming at you.He would always be available for long walks or cries or fun getaways and always provide exactly what you need when you need it, even anticipating these things. 

So, does such a perfect man exist?? Of course, but I just described Jesus Christ, a Godman. He is who we need to rely on for what we need. He is the only perfect man. If you are expecting all these things from anyone else in the world, you will be let down at best and crushed at worst. But if you draw near to Jesus and your man does too, maybe that will  work. Just my thoughts… 

On Perfect Days

God sometimes smiles down on us with love and gifts us with a perfect day when we need one. And sometimes we get a perfect part of the day. Either way, His gift to us is the only way perfect happens. But when it happens, there is no description of the beautiful appreciation I feel, so light inside and happy out, such absolutely amazing love just warms up the whole body. When God gives you a gift, He makes sure it is exactly right on every level, makes sure you realize only He could have been involved in how gorgeous it turns out, how seemingly made to order it is. True, this doesn’t happen often, but my day today is proof that it does happen and I am here to acknowledge that I recognize it and am so very thankful for this heart song gift. A lot about life is messed up right now, a lot of hard spaces and dark spots and ugly moments. But a light was provided today for my soul to bask in and appreciate. God gave me sunshine. He gave me the perfect day in nature, hours of calm for my mind, beauty. Every moment of such is a treasure, a blessing, a little perfection amidst imperfections of life. Who knew such a glorious moment could happen when so much is difficult. And I thank God that He allowed me to see and appreciate the gift as He was giving it to me. Hope. Hope is found in a gift from God at a key moment. It can be missed if we plow through it or walk around it, focused on the problems at hand. But when we are paying attention, you will see God gives you many more blessings much more often than you ever thought possible. And this perfect day was mine. Look closely and you will see one for you also.

The Distant Planet Called Perfect

“Perfect”, I am convinced, is just the name of a planet yet undiscovered far far away from here. What I am convinced of within myself is that it is not here. It does not exist in this person, in this household, in this city, in this state, in this government, in this world. The only place I can go to come close to what I think perfect might be like is when I am in a natural environment, some scene of the world in its primitive state- woods, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, prairies, fields, freshly fallen snow. Then I see the perfection of our Creator and feel a little better about the state of things. That is why travel is so important. Sometimes you need to change your view externally in order to change your view internally. Sometimes we need that reminder that perfect is somewhere, although elusive generally, in nature it is tangible. And we can be reminded that because no one is “perfect”, perhaps there is such a thing as “perfect for me” or “perfect for us”. We are not alone in the imperfection. God is perfect. We need to see His work, read His Words, study Him to get as close as we can and then be okay with the journey to accept redemption through Christ and then find “perfect for me” or “perfect for us”. Getting better every day is a process but perfect is unattainable until we no longer wear these stained bodies. But somewhere far away is “perfect” and I believe it is called “Heaven”. It would be nice to see.

Far From Perfect

If I were perfect, I would be beautiful, clean, sinless, good, righteous, loving, praiseworthy, knowledgeable, wise, talented, etc. I am far from perfect. I am about as far from perfect as a person can be. I know someone who is perfect. I know a lot of people who think they are perfect. Many think that on the outside but really don’t believe it inside. These want to be perfect secretly. Secretly they want to be loved and respected and joined with someone perfect. The perfect one I do know is Jesus Christ. Many others tried to be but He is the only one who accomplished it. How did He do it? Well, he was part man and part God. The God part won, you see. Any temptation that came Jesus’ way was met with Bible verses. He is perfect. I am not. So, is there a way I could be part God? Nope, however, I can have part of God in me via the Holy Spirit. Everyone who is saved is commanded to be baptized in the water and in the Spirit. The second one there is you or me inviting the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and rule your sinful body so you can become more perfect/Christ-like every day. So, being far from perfect right now, every day I make a conscious effort to yield my will to God’s will, I get a little closer to perfect. And moving a little closer to perfect is a pretty amazing journey, I think. I am tired of imperfection and settling. I would like to improve my Spirit walk and work on perfect. It is attainable eventually, we just need a little help. Better to admit that you need help rather and go right to the Source of help than to always need it and never let your pride down to ask or admit it. That seems foolish to me. I would rather be working toward perfection than sitting foolish.