True freedom can only come through faith and trust and letting go. When we trust that God is in control of the universe and let go of our own control issues and our own expectations and yield to going along for the ride, we let go of fear and worry and are truly free. Our freedom then will be catchy to those around us and we have the opportunity to show other people how to be free. Life is a journey and was never intended in design or function to be so full of busy distractions and unnecessary fears and worries and self-abolishing pride.  We must let these things go. Then freedom is left and our freedom will allow us to walk in purity and peace and enjoyment of God and His creation. Nature and freedom are team mates and nurture each other. It is a beautiful, peaceful place to be free in the Lord to just be. He blesses us with this whenever we truly search for it by faith and trust and letting go. Our minds can focus naturally on such filthy things! Why not steer them toward worthy goals to bring freedom and peace into your life. The Bible gives the fruits of the Spirit as what we will start looking like when we trust and walk with the Lord every day but what I have found is that all of these together produce freedom. Freedom from the world and sin and its unworthy entanglements. It becomes the beauty God designed us for, the greatness of Him allows us freedom in His love. There is nothing more beautiful or more worthy than that.

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