The Healing Power of Pain

I have written on pain before, sharing from a book I read about a physician who worked with leprous patients overseas. [Leprosy is a degenerative skin disease (easily treated with antibiotics, but they did not know that in Jesus’ ministry days or still don’t in many poor countries today).] The damage comes from a lack of all feeling, including pain, in the extremities. The patient feels no pain.

Oh, that would be wonderful, says many people. In fact, addictions exist originally (most often) to numb pain or perceived pain, to not feel hurt, to escape reality instead of have pain- not knowing that Jesus Christ is the answer and hope/ help is available to heal us to recovery, but I digress.

Yes, feeling no pain would be lovely to non-patients’ eyes. However, would it surprise you to hear that what these patients mournfully complain about is not being disfigured or cast away from society but that they cannot feel pain. It is their biggest cause for mental anguish. They want to feel physical pain! Why? Because pain is good for us. It tells us we are alive. It allows us to quickly move if too close to a fire or pull our hand away if being bit by an insect or starting to be shut in a door. They cannot feel so cannot respond and degradation happens they cannot even feel it. How do you know you are alive if you don’t feel pain? Pain tells us to stop or move or acknowledges your presence. Pain is shared by humanity. It is something we all experience. Lepers miss this aspect of humanity. A lack of pain feels even more isolating and lonely.

I come back to this topic because pain is valuable as a tool for growth in relationship with Jesus Christ and otber people also. Pain allows us to share each others’ burdens and to lift our burdens to Christ for help. This is a bonding experience. When I gave birth to my children, it was painful. I bonded with my children through that pain. Pain bonds us. It is not a fun bonding but it is deep.

Pain also tells you not to do it again. We need these reminders. Pain also can pinpoint where somethi g needs to be done, it is a call to action. This is priceless to protect ourselves and get help from God or a professional or both.

So, don’t be so quick to run away from pain, is what my point is. Bring it to Jesua Christ and seek out healing or remedy, explore where it comes from, get help when and where needed, grow closer to Jesus. The answer is in the truth and healing and relationship with Jesus, not in a temporary bandaid or false promise the lying world has to offer. Look to Jesus. Read the Bible. Pray. Reach out if you want me to pray for you.😃❤️


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