The Thing About Believing

When someone believes something, they will at some point be called upon to exercise that belief. The stronger their believe, the lower their threshold to action. Love is the strongest belief. When we believe ourselves to be in love, we will act to protect our lover, family, Savior, whatever we are loving strongest. When we act out of fear, it is a different animal altogether, a weak stance, a forced action without the lifeforce will behind it, just a will to survive. When we believe in things and ideas that correlate with the Bible, good and upright things, our beliefs cause us to act in ways that help and stand out as lights in the dark world. We do things like cook for people, help clean, smile, visit shutins, care for orphans, defend others, care for widows, help so done with car trouble, share, etc. When our belief system is in line with the dark world around us, we do things like lie, be selfish, look out for ourselves, search for what is in it for us, only help if we get back more, hold grudges, fight, look for pleasure only, run from difficulty, escape. See, what we think about and put into our heads becomes our belief system which drives our actions. It is very important what messages go into our heads. This is why we can help guard our hearts by staying in prayer. God can help always and really loves to help us guard our beliefs and line them up with His. 

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