Rant About Gun Control

Herein lies a rant pro-America and pro-God and pro- the constitution. Be warned and I am sure my readership will go down but it must be said. Don’t read if you have no chin.

Every shooting there is, fascists and their brainwashed morons croon “Gun control” as if guns get out of their case and walk up to someone and pull the trigger all by themselves. How about croon “Get God back in schools” or “Repent and get this country back to God”, who gives morals and guidelines of right and wrong. That is a solution that would help. People take God out of everything and wonder why people don’t know how to act with a moral conscious. God provides a moral conscious. Fascists want citizens unarmed. Tyrants want citizens unarmed. When people are not allowed their constitutional right to bear arms, do you think guns go away? Do bad guys give up their guns? Heck no. Makes bad people’s job a whole lot easier. No, thank you. How about prosecute and actually punish people who break the laws and bring back God as our moral compass and conscious and let’s see things happen. A whole lot of prayer and fasting for our country wouldn’t hurt either. And it would also help if bad people knew that if they shoot anyone, they will be shot, don’t you think fewer bad guys would be shooting people? Hmmm? Maybe a little I think. Need to voice it as a voice of reason in a world where fascists seem to own and fund so much of the “news”/propoganda media and much of Hollywood and NYC and these fascists want us unarmed despite our constitution. And this seems right to people? No, it isn’t. It is a evil heart and morality issue and not a gun control issue, which would be a dangerous bandaid and only make things worse. Bring back God and His Word to our country. Wake up, church. You are all too comfy and sluggish spiritually. We should be all over this in prayer and revival. Care about something. Help. Do something. Get off your damn phone! Wake up!

This concludes my rant from an all-American Marine’s daughter who loves Jesus and America and knows we can be restored by God and renewed at heart. ❤

Made to Feel

I used to get angry at myself for showing my feelings. It always seemed to be frowned upon. I was always a very emotional girl but no one would ever know it. I was led to believe crying is for babies and emotional outbursts were for the out of control and thus a crime. I stifled. I wondered why we had feelings if we could never express them. Then I thought maybe they were for marriage, to pour into your mate for life. And then I had no feelings left after a very short amount of time and did not know where to go from there. Upon remarrying, my husband quiets and limits my emotion and feelings also so again I am quelled. Why does God give us emotions if we have to stifle them all the time? There must be a reason because He never makes mistakes and I am not questioning Him, just me. Am I so different? Is this my biggest reason I am weird?  Even worshipping, people want quiet reverence when I want to scream and dance that my Savior lives and loves us and is coming soon!!! There seems a strange conundrum here. Perhaps it is because we are made for something more… some greater freedom. Maybe heaven will be loud and fun. Maybe we are given feelings to motivate us to act. Maybe evil screwed that all up too and we will be free when it is laid to rest soon. For whatever reason, I will continue to ride it out and try my very best to minimize my emotions and discount my feelings. I warn you, though, I am gaining ground with self-control (why one person that attacked my family is still unharmed and will remain so- I forgive her) but I am caring less and less what others think of my worshipping the Lord corporately. I care what God thinks. Everyone else, not so much anymore. I obey God, not them.❤

Facebook Rant & Related Dream

Everyone I know lives on Facebook. I used to too. They use it for news, gossip, self edification, bask in their own goodness with it, I did it too. I quit my addiction cold turkey because some idiot female was trying to talk bad about me to my husband who decided life had enough drama and bye bye Facebook for a long time. And also, the timing fit because I was mourning the loss of loved ones and do sad better alone. So, in line with the decision, I deactivated my account. Later, it magically resurfaced. Interesting. So I deleted it completely. Low and behold, it takes an entire month to be deleted permanently and during that month the account is active! If I log in to deactivate during the long wait for someone to push a button to delete me, I reactivate it first and have to wait another month. It is really easy to pick up an idol to bow down to, one that tracks you and reads your stuff, but very hard to rid yourself of it. Rant over. The point is, I had a problem, an addiction to something and realize it now and will not go down that road again. I am quite guarded now who I let into my world. I am quite selective who is in our band family and who enters our home, who I tell anything to. It has to be that way. Few people really care anymore and that is a shame, especially when so many claim to love my God. People are wrapped up in talking to themselves and a machine that they do not know how to talk in person without being bored or in a hurry to get away and text so some else about it. Seems like a strange turn of events. I am wanting more than ever to go back in time and live without any tech at all. While yurt living with a raw vegan smoothie is not in my immediate future, I am wanting to run away from society to a small neck of the country and worship God with my family in nature. And that is where my heart is. Of course, we have some things to do here for a while. But someday, if I have my way, you will look and we will be a speck on the horizon headed for space and beautiful farmland to grow some food and breathe air.  Maybe just a dream, maybe very real. God only knows. 🙂

Young Whippersnappers

I just saw lots of youtube videos on millenials. One was a rant about how they are basically pampered moochers and then several responders who did innovate and make are difference. And I wanted to respond to arrest those. Here is my insight: people will rise to the level of their morals, regardless of age. People raised with Christian/high moral standards or who have incorporated and internalized high moral standards by upbringing or choice will be responsible, good, upright citizens who dependably care and help and serve and treat everyone with respect. Those with low moral standards will be idiots, selfish, narcisistic, entitled, wavering, disloyal, etc. Again, this is true of all ages. So there is hope for every generation through incorporating the high moral standards of God into our lives. And there are also more than ever opportunities for degradation. It is every person’s personal choice and I love that God provides hope for everyone. 🙂