So, we just got soft water.  Many problems we’ve been having are now going away with this new addition to our family.  It is amazing to me how important water is to us.  We are largely made of the stuff, we need to drink it, we bathe with it, we need it to clean our teeth, and without it being pure enough we would die.  It is very interesting to think of this.  Jesus knew of its importance to us.  He used it to show us about Him.  He described Himself as the “Living Water”.  I let that phrase wash over me before without sticking or seeking to understand it.  He fills us, refreshes us as water does, and if we drink of Him, absorb Him, we live and never die.  Pure water cleanses.  It doesn’t matter what the stain- it cannot stand long against pure water.  Very few things can. You have to go to great lengths to keep water out of things.  It is just there- it gets in, even if only in the air.  Water cleanses, gives life, causes food to grow- so sustains us, and we are born of it, formed in it during our first 9 months of life in our mother’s womb.  We must respect water and Jesus’ assessment of Himself as the “Living Water”.  How grateful I am for that! 

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