Symbolism, Not Just for Conspiracy Theorists

When I see symbolism in real life nowadays, I only see it in three contexts, the Bible, poetry and conspiracy theorists. There is a shocking lack of symbolism in real functional life. I like it incorporate symbols into my life and I am very weird for it. For example in my life when big difficult events happen in my life, I cut my hair when the mourning is over to symbolize the dead ends, difficult journey, has been overcome and gone through and a new me is growing out of it healthier and stronger for having gone through it. As cutting the hair stimulates growth, so does going through hardships. Also, when it is gone, it is gone. It can never return to the rest of the head. This is a powerful symbol to me. Other symbols I use are jewelry. When I wear a necklace a good friend made, I feel and and reminded of their love. When something significant happens, we need to remember it. Symbols are a great way to do that. They mean something to you. Noone needs to know because it is very personal and important, a part of who we are.

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