God is Not an Option

My heart tonight was to share and/or reiterate that my precious God, Maker of everything we know including us, Keeper of nature, Maker of Angels, Ruler of our eternal destinies, is NOT an option. He is beautiful in His glory and wealthy beyond measure, wiser than any of our wisdom or what networks we configure. God is All Mighty and All Seeing, has always been, always will be. There is no end to Him as we know of no beginning. And He knows each of us He lovingly hand crafted by name and every minute detail of us, down to the very number of hairs on our heads. And He, loving as He us, is also holy, as we cannot be. So He made a way for us to be holy through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ahhh, what a sweet name. Oh how amazing. What love! So, God is not an option. To deny Him is to declare your blind foolishness, your naivity, your deception that makes it convenient to live a life based on animal pleasures. God is who made us. We cannot deny Him. And if we try, we put our immortal eternity in jeapordy of a punishment of hell made for demons who deceive and destroy us, and we are His treasure. I would rather be His treasure than enemy, His beloved child than a proud idiot. God is not an option. And Jesus Christ and His Bible and humble prayer is our only way to Him (because of the holiness). And oh how sweet His Holy Spirit gift is in us when we accept this incredibly generous gift of salvation from Jesus. God is first, most important, worthy of our efforts and energy and resources and worship!❤❤❤

Yeshua/ Jesus Christ

I saw how they derived “Jesus” from “YSHW” (Yeshua after adding vowels), by converting it from Arimaic to Roman, if I am remembering correctly. I grew us using “Jesus” as His name, so use that one most but both are actually correct and the same person. But regardless if you Cann our precious Savior Jesus, Yeshua, Jehovah, God the Son, Wonderful, Counsellor, Prince of Peace, Intercessor, Messiah, He knows who we mean and is all n of those things. Our Jesus Christ is the perfect One, the Savior of our sins, our sole means for salvation and I love Him more than my life because without Him there is no life or hope. Jesus came down as a baby of all things, as one of His creation, grew up like us, learned, grew, started radical love and forgiveness and repentance teachings in his ministry, was brutally killed on a cross by those greedy for power and wealth, but raised up from the dead on the third day, lived on earth another month teaching, and the returned to heaven to wait with grace for the right time to come back not as a sacrificial lamb but as a fierce lion to n judge and rule. He will take His church out of the world before the worst of the end out of mercy and love. And He is our Savior, Healer, Friend, Lord of all, Precious Redeemer! He love us!!! And He understands us because He was one of us. That just wows me. If you think about that much love and self-control and more love in one person, it cannot be. He is the only One. His name is powerful! Even His name! Imagine how greater the Son of Man Himself! Oh how I love Jesus!!

The Threat of Heaven

A story is told about the great preacher Dwight L. Moody, who once picked up a hitchhiker, as he had done so many times before. This particular time, however, the hitchhiker pulled out a gun and commanded that Mr. Moody pull over the car. Moody reportedly drove on peacefully. The gunman repeated his demand with the gun closer to Moody. Evidently, calmly Moody asked him, “Please, are you threatening me with Heaven?” I love that story and have no idea how it turned out, but it gives us a proper perspective on life, doesn’t it? “What can men do to me?” is another verse in the Bible. They can hurt us, damage our stuff, take our things, even mess with our lives, but they can never separate us from God and our salvation through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. No one but God can take what belongs to God and He loves us. In Him is our hope. Don’t look for hope or encouragement or happiness from this world. It is not something it can offer in any lasting, true and meaningful way. Our hope is in God and salvation through Jesus Christ, Yeshua, and it comes with an amazing eternity in Heaven with Him. I will rest in that. There is my peace, no matter the storm thundering around me.

Loving the Moment Blue

Days are not all the same. Having them all the same would be comforting and maddening at the same time. There are days that warm the heart. These rare days are my orange days. There are days of refreshing, my green days, my favorite days. There are red angry days and yellow summer fun days. Thankfully, black gloom days are rarest of all. But I want to discuss how to appreciate the blue days. Days are blue when we feel weight and darkness pressing around us and its blackness seeps into our happy warmth that naturally comes with following Yeshua and it reveals itself as blue, lumbering, somber, motivationally-challenged. There seem to be a lot of these days for many of my friends lately, and when they are affected, I am affected. So, if the blue days are here, what on earth can we do to make them more lovable. And I thought of a few ideas we can try. On blue days, don’t get out of bed u til you have read three Psalms. I think this might be a good step forward. Another idea is to pray right away and tell God that we have this blue day and need help. If we humbly ask God, our Heavenly Father for help, He does not refuse us. Ever. So, if we ask for a little help and motivation, He will send us little helps throughout the day. The next step is to get out of bed. Sometimes this is about all w can muster, but it is important. Get out of bed, shower, get dressed, force yourself to do this and as you do, God encourages you with strength. Happens every time. We can opt for a little help on being uplifted by listening to some great teaching of truth on the radio or internet or watch some I Love Lucy or Carol Burnett reruns. 🙂 Here’s the next fabulous and important idea. Help someone else. It seems like an impossibility, you certainly won’t want to, but there is something magical that happens when we purposefully obey God in serving someone else, which He says is actually serving and worshipping Him. When we worship Him in this way, He blesses us. The last idea is to stop focusing on the reasons for the blueness and thank Him and look for all the little blessings and good moments. There are always little diamonds He drops down for us. But we miss them if we allow ourselves to wallow and stay distracted. These are some ideas for loving blue days and maybe changing them to yellow. Let’s give it a try.

The Life of Yeshua, Jesus Christ in Movies

We watched Killing Jesus tonight. We own Passion of the Christ. I watched the Book of John. Growing up in the church, I have seen many movies over the years on the story of my Savior, my Messiah and yours if He isn’t already and you allow Him to be. Killing Jesus was very well done, great production, great acting and one of the best at showing the humanity of those involved. I wish it would have shown Yeshua after He had risen because many saw Him and that is really the most important part. Nonetheless, well done. Very condensed and human or character focused interpretation. Very worth seeing for a different perspective. I loved the Passion of the Christ as it captures, well, Jesus Christ’s passion. I love the Book of John because (I am not sure if this should say this but…) John is my favorite Gospel version of the mission of Yeshua. Now, as in every movie ever that is produced from a book, especially a true story, nothing is ever as good as the book. No movie anywhere is as thorough or true or correct or pure or as descriptive as the Bible in telling the story of Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Nothing will or could ever be perfect. Some, like the one on History channel, are down right detrimental. So, be careful, little eyes, what you see. If you are interested in the life of our Messiah who affected and changed the world for the better, please read the Bible. I would suggest Mark or Luke to start with for the story but each of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have a different perspective on the life of my Savior. Movies are great but not everything. That is always true. The book is the thing. Written Word in your hand is unmatched in greatness and comfort and detail. The Truth was written and will always be Truth for us. It is the best way for us to get the full true story.