Writing Slows in Summer AKA Ode to Summer Writers

In summer, I noticed writing slows, people’s thoughts are elsewhere, occupied by a frenzy of rushed vacations and manic relaxation. The flow of thought congeals under the pressure of too much heat and movement mixed, like a fan blowing hot air to quench an unsatisfyable need for cool and calm. And on we breathe, red hot as the air, miserable in the humidity, happier somehow in the rain that falls a few minutes every day to somehow provide a break, despite the miserable wetness of it. Rushed streams of thought are forced and flow thickly when they do attempt flow. Herein lies what I am observing on the blogs. Those unaffected by the heat and cludge of mass vacationmanship, those of us with more bills than income and can not get away, we still write. It is at least somewhere for our mind to go, our thoughts vacate to. So you fellow writers still expressing words from your thoughts, who still can, I thank you and delight in bathing myself in their richness. 😄❤

A Writer’s Importance

It has long been declared that there is power in the written word. This is because there is power in the spoken word and writing is the spoken word written down to be contemplated, saved, mulled over and remembered. So, the powerful moment that formed the thoughts and the words culminated in that one instance and were captured via the written words, that moment is golden. You have within a book insights into the mind of the author. We can crawl into another person’s mind for that moment, see some aspect of the world through their eyes, appreciate their artistry or mystery or history or pride or try to figure out why they’re so mad. lol. There is a beauty and socialization then that can occur at your convenience, in your solitude at home in bed or a comfy reading chair or surrounded by loud people at the beach or mall or whatever. We have freedom in having a transportable book to read. We can imagine a different moment than the one we are in. We can learn something new or see it in a different light. Yes, there is immense power in written word. Even in journaling for thought organization or for the benefit of your children, there is power in it and we all should partake of its practice. Those after us may forget those meaningful words unless we write them down for them. There are things we want to share and we should. It does not take much time and the benefits are boundless. You do not know what or who you will affect with your words. Choose them wisely or even semi-wisely but just write.