Teenage Struggle/I am Bible

As tears flow generously down the afore stained cheek, he mourns.

For loss of complete family and years of criticism, he breaks.

For neglect and demands and no free space, he wishes more.

While seeking meaning and purpose, he is scoffed.

In deep hormonal imbalance of teen season, he is insecure.

For him, I write love. I write courage. I write understanding. I write meaning. I write purpose. I write eternal security. I write truth. I am his Bible.❤

I Write Forgiveness

I write the word with a gleem in my eye

I write the word my heart just cried

I stand and cheer for surrender of wrongs

I hold no ill will though the wrongs seemed long.

I write the word that frees my heart

And draws me close to Jesus’ heart.

I write the world that sets me free 

And allows God to forgive me.

I write “forgiveness”.

Then forgiveness rewrites me.❤

Write Makes Right?

I have a strong bent to vent about ills of this world and people’s bad behavior. I also have a strong bent to write encouragement and good truths I find and believe in. But everything I write is my opinion. And were I to interview people, it would be their opinion. And were I to search news archives, it would be older opinions of other people in the past. And this seems silly but here it is. No person is God. I am not God. You are not God. Certainly the news media or any politicians are not God. Yet people tend to believe what they read (and/or see on tv or computers) as if the writer were infallible or God. Only God is God and only God then is infallible truth. Everything should therefore be checked against what He wrote in His Word, the Bible for accuracy and truth. With all the lies swarming around us on every level, we are responsible to check what we see or read with the Bible for accuracy and truth. God gave us that precious tool for such a purpose and to know how much He loves us. He really does! Never believe anything unless it checks out with the Bible, no matter who says it. We must pay careful attention.

Reason Being

I write because God gave me the words. I sing and play because God gave me the song. I dance because God granted me whimsy. I am not brilliant. I try. I am not flawless. I try. I am and I do because of God. It is just that simple. He is the reason for everything.

Between the Lines

My favorite part of any story is what people left out or didn’t say. What intrigues me most is an author skilled enough to not say the tactical points which allows your mind to work at filling in the blanks, sets your imagination into action and draws you into the book. In life, we get snippets of a conversation, pieces of the puzzle and we often need to discover what is hidden between the lines. To do this, a wise person will, I believe, not just charge in with preconceived assumptions but seek counsel and guidance from the One who knows every answer. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be offended by things in between the lines we have filled in ourselves with our imaginations. Often, reality ends up being quite different and we were upset over a phantom we created. We cast the light ourselves onto a self-contrived shadow puppet and are angered by the reflection. Seems ridiculous but happens all the time. We need God’s wisdom and conversations with Him before we rush to judgments at what isn’t there. With God’s help, we can integrate the fruits of the Spirit into our psyche and then seek clarification from God and the source,if possible. The other facet is a deep appreciation of my closest friends who can read between the lines in my life and help take me to the heart of the matter. I believe God puts some friends together to encourage one another, a perfect fit to Reade each other between the lines. 🙂