Glorious Creation

What God made cannot help but convey His glory. Whether it is us humans or majestic mountains and fragrant, imaginatively designed flowers and plant life, graceful birds in flight or ridiculous water creatures, God is glorified. It is obvious His creation bears His fingerprints and breath. It is obvious He is wholesomely good when we peruse these things He crafted. You are a masterpiece, His crowning jewel and achievement. The moment you humbly call on Him, He is present, listening with glad eyes of love. Never forget this truth.😄❤

The Value of a Person

What a person is worth does not depend on the worth anyone but God puts on it. This is due to the simple fact that God lovingly planned, designed and formed every single person as a baby in a mom’s tummy. Every person’s worth is therefore not in the least determined by anyone else’s opinion or calculation or judgmental eye or critical mouth. A person’s value does not depend on how anyone else treats that person, such as a spouse or lover throwing them away for someone they at least momentarily deem more worthy. Their opinion of the worth being diminished may hurt the person thrown away and deemed rubbish by that person they had loved but it in no way really can ever diminish one iota of worth and true value of that person. A girl deemed unimportant by some creature rapist still has the exact same value and worth as God initially put on her. A person constantly abused or put down by their parents or siblings or family member is still of no less worth or value than God decided long ago. A baby deemed unimportant by the mom who chooses to destroy him or her because of their bad choice is no less valuable or worthy than God originally designed. Even the rapist or murderer has intrinsic value and worth, though they have chosen to use it to attempt to diminish another’s for their evil gain (and should be punished for that decision). The thing is, our Creator determines the value and worth of the created. Other created beings, no matter how much power or influence, cannot remove or lesson that worth one tiny little bit ever. To feel of little value is not the same as having little value. Just because someone else or many other people do not appreciate your value does not lessen it at all. Nothing can. We can choose to be good or evil. That is our choice. But know that whatever choice you make, it does not change who you have the potential to be and the worth of you in God’s eyes. And because He does such good work, He loves each person He made fully. And because He is eternal, He can always, with just one humble prayer, go right back to the day He lovingly made you and see you there in all your innocent worth. You are worth everything. You are valuable. God loves you unconditionally and fully. This is always the truth. He may not like what we choose to do but He is so willing to forgive and forget when asked because we never cease being His baby. I am someone’s baby, no matter who throws me out or criticizes me. I am God’s baby. So are you.

Benefits of Love

When you are loved:
1. You sleep better, knowing that someone cares.
2. You look and feel younger.
3. You are important to someone which is huge.
4. You have someone in your corner.
5. You have reasons to work hard and do your best other than yourself.
6. You take better care of yourself.
7. You have someone to take care of you and you can take care of them back.
8. You are not lonely anymore.
9. You have someone to share with: your day, your food, your thoughts, your umbrella, whatever.
10. You have a share of someone’s heart, which is the most valuable property in the universe.
11. You breathe easier and cleaner feeling that everything is fresher and richer.
12. You take fewer risks for the sake of the one who loves you.
13. You see everything in a more optimistic light so life is better.
14. You have someone to talk to and go to.
15. Life matters more.

Now the trick is to know that not only does or can someone special love you but that God, your Creator, loves you all the time no matter what you do or have done, without conditions or sanctions or negativity or lies. God loves you forever and always. So even if a human is missing out on the chance to love someone as beautiful as you, God never misses a chance to show His love for you and loves you every second, every breath, every smile, every tear. You are treasured by Him. And if you happen to have found someone who loves you too, that person was a gift from Him as well. If not yet, it will happen at the right time. And I love you too (because He loves me).

What’s the Point?

Frustration embeds the valiant and pure heart. I am reminded of a quote by Mr. Incredible who asked, “Why can’t they just stay saved?” We who care and love God passionately are definitely swimming up stream most of the time. I mean by that that at times, it is very easy to believe you are the absolute only person on the face of the earth that wants to p!ease the Lord more than yourself, even your own spouse can seem against you. Alone, all alone in the pit of despair. The struggle is daily. The road is not only narrow that leads to life and heaven, but is downright squeezing the life out of you. So, as I have often felt this way lately, if you have, then there are two of us. And if we find one more, then there are more of us. And this is what church is. We are in the same seemingly leaking boat. We are not alone. Another with us is our Creator and Designer. He sees everything. He sees everything. He sees everything. For those living for themselves, this is not a good thing. For those of us fighting for truth and purity and love in the purest form from God, we should be encouraged by this. Because why? This life is so brief. I hear about shootings, accidents, health problems, cancers, etc. that can take us out at any time. But that is not all there is. There is an eternity forever afterwards. And God sees us fight and struggle and press on and stand firm and try to help and serve others. He sees these efforts, these struggles. He sees and takes notes for reward day. It is not for nothing. It is worth the struggle because our struggle is not a physical one and the results are much much more important and lasting than these shells we war with. Our plight is seen by the Unseen. Our epic struggle is attended by the Owner of the arena. Our prayers are heard by the God of Heaven’s Armies. We are not alone. We count. Our efforts are blessed by design and rewarded by pursuit.

Worth of Life

What is a life worth?  What is the life of a baby worth?  A woman?  A man?  To answer that question, many would ask first who we were talking about?  Had they committed a crime?  Were they wealthy?  Stupid questions.  What stirred this?  Why speak of the worth of life.  I guess it put me over the edge to see a picture of a girl who had been killed by Muslims for the crime of having been raped.  Perhaps it was this person on trial for performing hundreds of murders of born babies.  Perhaps it’s seeing so much bad news on tv and media that has me riled up.  I just needed to voice in my tiny voice as loudly as I can that LIFE MATTERS.  I understand evil is vamping up and creeping in- even to our sanctuaries and Christian hearts.  However, there is a limit to what a human being who has any kind of conscious of our Creator can take.  I cannot sit silent while people and babies scream for their lives around me without an ear to hear their pleas for life.  Who is so callous, so confused about the value of a human soul.  Who is so evil that can hear such unfairness and be unmoved about it.  I cannot.  I am a human being.  Every human being is precious, created by God for a special purpose and sent His only Son to earth to die on a cruel cross to save our souls.  If you choose to squander your soul’s time, it is your responsibility.  However, I must speak for those unable to and say that if you harm or kill an innocent person, you will be facing the God who made that person and you will not win that.  Think twice about what you do because some day we will all face our Creator and answer for our choices on this planet.  I believe that time is coming soon, so you better check yourself.