The Power of One Word

The word “love” is powerful.

It means different things to different wings

Backs decisions to fight or hold

Never deviates in its true form.

When coming from God, it never dies

Though people have a different view.

But the word when said dries tears

There is comfort in the word

For we all want it’s true form.

We all want pure, true, Neverending

We all want powerful security

We all want someone to value us

We all want honor, peace and respect

We all need love.

Oh the power of one word.

Oh the power of God who is perfect love.❤


God’s Will

“The will of God is the Word of God” a brilliant billboard reads. Truth. We cannot know God’s will if we do not read His Word for they are the same. Read some truth today. 😄❤

Honey Lies and Sand Paper Truth

It is delicious, some of the sweet lies out there dripping off the tongues of agents, marketers, business people, salespeople and sometimes the average person on the streets with something to sell. The lies are luscious. They are brilliant. They are creative and appealing. Lies such as you can do this evil if you do so many good things to counter it. As if God is playing a balancing game with out eternities. As if so many rights outweigh a wrong. Lies such as it is no big deal when an addict needs their fix. As if that has any truth. Exactly opposite, everyone suffers for an addict’s repeated sin. Lies such as go ahead, you deserve it. As if we are so high and mighty on our clouds that we deserve to spend three years in debt over such an exorbitant and unnecessary splurge. Lies such as I love you, baby, just do this for me. As if love has anything to do with a lustful act. There are so many pretty and delightful lies out and about everywhere you look to distract and rationalize what God calls sin and what always eventually causes harm to self and others. The truth, I have discovered, is less like honey and more like sand paper. Truth is gritty and rubs you the wrong way when you mess up. Truth sets you free from sin free by roughing up and scraping off the lies. So, sin is then exposed and when asked to do so, God can then forgive the sin. And if we are paying attention, it may keep us from getting duped again. And if we keep our sand paper truth ready at all times by keeping in the Word, we can protect ourselves by scraping away the honey dripping lies with it. If you want an amazing life now and later, steer clear of the sweet honey lies and stick with the rugged sand paper truth. Life is so much fuller and more fulfilling raw.

The Life of Yeshua, Jesus Christ in Movies

We watched Killing Jesus tonight. We own Passion of the Christ. I watched the Book of John. Growing up in the church, I have seen many movies over the years on the story of my Savior, my Messiah and yours if He isn’t already and you allow Him to be. Killing Jesus was very well done, great production, great acting and one of the best at showing the humanity of those involved. I wish it would have shown Yeshua after He had risen because many saw Him and that is really the most important part. Nonetheless, well done. Very condensed and human or character focused interpretation. Very worth seeing for a different perspective. I loved the Passion of the Christ as it captures, well, Jesus Christ’s passion. I love the Book of John because (I am not sure if this should say this but…) John is my favorite Gospel version of the mission of Yeshua. Now, as in every movie ever that is produced from a book, especially a true story, nothing is ever as good as the book. No movie anywhere is as thorough or true or correct or pure or as descriptive as the Bible in telling the story of Yeshua, Jesus Christ. Nothing will or could ever be perfect. Some, like the one on History channel, are down right detrimental. So, be careful, little eyes, what you see. If you are interested in the life of our Messiah who affected and changed the world for the better, please read the Bible. I would suggest Mark or Luke to start with for the story but each of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have a different perspective on the life of my Savior. Movies are great but not everything. That is always true. The book is the thing. Written Word in your hand is unmatched in greatness and comfort and detail. The Truth was written and will always be Truth for us. It is the best way for us to get the full true story.

Can’t is a Four Letter Word

In parenting, before I ever started actually, I decided that the word “can’t” would be a bad word for us. The reason is that is in direct contrast, diametrically opposing, the exact opposite of the truth of the Bible. See, Philippians 4:13 states “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That means the bad word “can’t” is out. My children are to this day punished as if they had said another bad word by having to sing the above verse twice to the tune I made up. This emphasizes that the Bible is true and that God is all powerful and in charge. Even if something comes against us that seems way to big for our capabilities to do alone, we have the all mighty God of the universe that certainly can accomplish any task in our little pathway. See the point? He is enormous and all power so if there is a road He has sent us down, or even if we made bad choices to go down a road but realize we need help, God will do the work. We are really too little to do it without Him, that is true. But thank God those words “through Christ” are there. That tells me that when I am weak, He remains as strong as ever! So, this verse really means, “God can do all things through you He is asked or wants to accomplish.” Yay!!

Words Equal Power

Word is the most creative force in the universe and simultaneously the most crushing force in the universe. Words are much like nitroglycerin in that way. An overabundance mixed with a spark of evil or anger gives you dynamite, used to obliterate mountains for drilling mines. A small amount given as medicine at the right time will restart a broken heart. Jesus Christ is The Word, as in the Bible, the whole story, the big and detailed picture of the u diverse and its dealings and purpose, etc. He created everything we know of with His spoken Word. Words were used originally for this purpose- creation and relation between God and the people He created. The evil one quickly observed the power or words and decided to use them to destroy what God created with lies and trickery, mixed with enough truth to be believable. To this day, our words have incredible. We can uplift and destroy with very little effort just by the timing and choice and attitude of the words we choose to use. I used to use words flippantly and impatiently and without thought. It still happens occasionally but I now work very hard on the word choices and timing of my words. I have to ask, what is my goal here? Should I speak at all? Is this where I need to speak up? Will it uplift and encourage? Will it be misinterpreted and cause harm? And how do I determine which is which?? I pray and read my Bible. Really? That’s all? Absolutely, and God honors prayers for wisdom and discernment of speech and understanding of timing. When we pray and read our Bibles, we build up our knowledge and faith base as well as our wisdom and understanding and we grow in Spiritual maturity. And our words as Christ followers is the most powerful force on the earth because we have within our Spirits the Holy Spirit, the most powerful force on earth. Is it in us to use for selfish motives and ambitions? Nope because God will not honor sin ever. However, what we do for God and His kingdom and often His people when it is His will, He will honor those words every time. We need never fear using words He gives us to use. We must never be discouraged by or believe in people who would call your words insignificant. They are plants of the enemy to create strongholds within you and try to defeat you internally, where all of our battles lie originally. We must create a wall of truth within us based on prayer and Bible reading that every incoming word has to go through to get to our souls and Spirits to be believed. We have to be purposeful and ask: 1. Is what is coming in here meant for harm? 2. Are these words contrary to Scripture? 3. Is there an evil motive behind the words? 4. Will accepting these words bring harm or disrespect or insult myself, my family unit or God? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, we can eliminate the validity of those words and confidently reject those words. In fact, we can say with confidence “I reject those words and forbid you to use words like that around me ever again.” You can bet that will work because the Bible is clear about when you tell evil ones to leave, they have to go. We do not have to accept anyone’s slanderous or insulting words. On the other hand, uplifting and encouraging words or words of Scriptural truth with sound motives should be allowed in to do their work. In addition, we can ask ourselves questions before we release words to verify our motives and truth and alignment with Scripture to be sure we do no harm and don’t sin. And our words can bring healing and stand against evils when the Holy Spirit leads you to speak up. Again, Spiritual discernment and wisdom dictates that in your heart via prayer and reading your Bible.

The Power of Words

Everything that we can touch and see in this world and many things we can’t were made by words spoken by God. Words are powerful and still hold great power despite the dumbing down of our senses and desensitization our enemy has been succeeding at for years. Our imagination has been fostered and numbed for so long that many everyday events seem to have lost their interest and yet the right words at the right time can refresh our soul over years of abuse. Words have the power to destroy also, but being created by an All-Powerful, perfect God of everything we have heard of or can conceive of, words can strengthen and heal with much greater proficiency. Truthful words still win over lies, no matter the depth or derangement of the lie. Encouragement still affects the will of a person towards amazing abilities. Words of power and defiance will still cause spirits of the dark realm to flee from a mortal. Loving words will still tame a wild beast. I dare you to test my theorem. God’s Word built and saved the universe. his Word teaches and trains, builds up and rectifies, promotes and unleashes His will into our lives. The essence of a word is an acknowledgement that we are bringing ourselves under the authority of the Almighty maker of truthful words. This is why we should speak out loud the praises of the Father in worship. It is why the enemy should hear our praise of God. It is more powerful than the enemy and reminds them of their place and demise. God wins again every time we acknowledge out loud His sovereignty.  Words matter. Whoever says they don’t is selling something and we shouldn’t buy it. Treasure and use your spoken words with discretion and power because they contain great power and give God His rightful props.