Key to Being a Semi-Perfect Wonder Woman

When this Wonder Woman can not find her cape all of a sudden, it is imperative that I take a day off. As I have learned of myself in all these years living so far, probably half the time I will have on this planet (unless something else intervenes first), I have noticed that God gives me all the fuel I need to accomplish any task He gives me to do. However, when I run out of steam and energy, it is best if I rest and pray and read my Bible and refresh and play games with my kids or clean something in the house, etc. For me, when my own energy gives out, I finally realize that God wants me to rest for a bit. And notoriously, after a sometimes all too brief respite, He gives me energy again and I get back to it. That is how I am helping care for my Dad post new stroke and helping Mom settle and taking care of our family and directing children’s choir at church and leading worship at church, etc. When I stay in close touch with the Power Source, He guides me and shows me what I need and when I need it. If I follow His leading, I can do anything He puts in my path for He has promised never to give us more to do than what He also gives us the ability to do it. However, when I don’t rest when I need to or take my reliance off the Power Source and too much on to me, I start feeling overwhelmed and spent and that can easily become sickness. So, if you are placed in a caretaker role as well as other regular duties, know that you will have to necessarily rely on God to meet your energy needs and guide you to times of rest and refreshing. He made us and knows full well how much we need Him and is just waiting for us to ask. Every time we ask, we receive. We may not receive exactly what we were expecting but it is always what we need when we need it.