Speaking to Husbands

Your wives love you deeply. They rely on you for security and faithfulness, provision and love, tenderness and encouragement. They are the weaker sex in that they need these things from you, their husband. From God, they need everything else. A woman can do many things at once and can handle the kids, the house, running around, the cleaning, etc. However, she needs her husband’s strength and leadership to feel secure. Women also have hormonal and emotional complications that come and go. These are physical issues that effect mood and temper. Patience and calm discharge crazy about every time. Sometimes we just can’t help it physically. Other times we are being dramatic and silly and please be patient and calm for that too. Most of the time, we would do anything at all for our husbands, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the Bible and we love our husbands with a passion and care for our children with an extension of that love. We are strong but fragile for we have given our husbands our hearts and can easily be hurt and wounded by insecurity, broken trust, pain of criticism, withholding of love. Please just love your wife and be happy with her. Looking around at other women that seem to be naked about everywhere really effects your wife who loves you, who is tangible, your greatest asset and investment. She will be there when the electronics fail, she will encourage and respect you when you need a companion, she will take care of you when you are ill. A wife is strengthened directly proportional to the trust and security she has for you and your marriage. She is the bottom line and is there when your line hits the bottom. She is your second self, your helpmeet, the other half of you. She needs you. The closer you get to God, the closer you get to your spouse. Loving her with God’s love will create greatness in her and yourself.

Complete With Flaws

It is easy to be impressed with 30 seconds worth of super sexy momma on a commercial or an hour and a half worth of movie with photo shopped flawless super model mommas who do everything perfectly. It can easily make you wonder at your messy house and imperfect children and zits on your face and lumps on your tummy or extra beef in the behind and question your validity as a human who eats and isn’t perfect and isn’t sexy every minute of the day. The 5 second snippets of chatter before a church tea exposes perfect people with perfect children and I wonder why I have judgmental glances when my monkey like children attend, wondering where their perfect children always go while I have mine 24\7. And it dawned on me, or rather came to me in a revelation of sorts, that I am at peace and have joy and am perfectly complete with my flaws and all. My monkey children are happy and good, though with more available energy to use from not stressing them out with social dilemmas all day at school. And my husband seems happy with my cooking and content with my level of sexy. And my relationship with God has never been stronger and that fills me with such contentment that I can even see past facades to see the rest of the set. I see the background scenes and feel empathy for those really struggling with building it all together, despite not being able to eat or show emotions or flaws. I am free to be the momma God made me to be, the wife my husband needs and wants, the daughter my parents depend on now, the dog walker and house cleaner and doctor and chef and taxi service and grocery shopper and pianist and whatever else I need to be that day. I can do all these things through Christ’s strength. I know because I do it all the time. I am not perfect. I have a lot of flaw. However, through my flaws, God shines and complete the work I obediently strive to do. I work for the Lord and He blesses me every time. I am complete with flaws and that is a wonderful place to be.