6 Pounds To Go

Am I over-emphasizing the numbers? Yes but on purpose. I believe in tangible, recordable goals. And I achieved 44 pounds down to greater health since the brhinning of June. My means was the Paleo nutrition lifestyle, which has worked beautifully for me. I get to ear healthy, nutritious food without feeling hungry or deprived and it has allowed me to achieve most of my extra weight shedding while encouraging this very doable healthy nutritious lifestyle. I see it as eating closer to nature, appreciating food as God made it, healthy and unaided by excessive additions which discourage the nutrition of the food. And I only have 6 pounds left to go. That is not so daunting as my original 50. It was achieved healthily with one pound down at a time. I did not get sleepy large overnight and I knew it would take time to come off, but this was way faster than I imagined. And now life is the main focus of life and not the next meal. That is the blessing from God for good health. When we obey Him and do everything in moderation (even eat), making nothing too important besides Him, He blesses. He overwhelmingly blesses. God is magnificent, friends. He truly is a marvel and oh how I love Him!❤❤❤

Big Weight Loss

I have lost 39 pounds of post baby weight. I have about 30 more to go. How am I doing it? Am I using an expensive diet or personal trainer? Am I eating cardboard-flavored diet food or paying someone to divvy up tiny portions of food? Nope. There is nothing wrong with those things, whatever works for you and keeps you motivated is a good thing. I am… … dramatic pause… eating less and walking in the neighborhood more. Eat less, exercise more has always been how I got extra weight off. It is the winning combination. And I have been enlisting help of the absolute best and most powerful kind. I have called on God to help me with self-control and the Holy Spirit is my constant companion and self-control agent. He gives me contentment with less food. This allows me the freedom to just follow Him and be strengthened and comforted by Him and not have to rely on my own strength. He is available at no charge for the asking, so you are welcome to elicit His help. I know He would love that. Enjoy the ride! 🙂