Calming Troubled Waters

I don’t know one single person right now with a perfect life, one free of trouble. Not one. And that is disconcerting and simultaneously expected. This life is no picnic, the Bible tells us it would be this way. People are happy to believe the good stuff and get weird and offer see with the bad stuff. One thing you realize with the addition of years and experience is that you take the good with the bad or you will be lonely because every single person has both. Every one. Me too. So calming the troubled waters of our souls, our family, our church, our community, our world is an extremely tall order, one which goes against human nature’s affinity for badness. So the answer for this must involve the goodness, the good side of us as well as the superhuman, God. So God is the hope, see? His nature is not corrupted with this affinity for badness. He is beyond reproach, able to reach the heart and what!tter strongholds. So the cure for trouble is prayer to God, our way to leave the physical and goto the spiritual realm and also our sacrifice of pride in asking Him for help, believing with faith that He is the only help and hope we have. And the waves will subside. We will still have trouble but we will be changed to know we are not alone ever, we are not unloved ever, and when this life is over for us, we have a home with God. There is enormous comfort in that. And co fort is getting harder and harder to come by. Thank God for this hope and help.

Changes in the Water

There are places where ocean meets bay or bay meets river or ocean meets ocean. Those who sail much will tell you there is always a change in the water, a temperament change, a current change, a pH change, something. Everytime you move from one water to another, there is change to contend with but the greatest hardship is in the transition between the two. That is where the greatest pull is, the greatest danger, the greatest trial. There is make or break. And during these difficult transitions, sometimes you can work with the current. You can never fight the current, though. You simply will not win. The current is bigger than you are, set in place and designed to work by the Ancient of Days. But all sailers would tell you that the best way, after you have done your best work in trying to work with the currents, is to let go of control and ride it out. This requires patience and release and contrition as it puts you in God’s hands and not yours. And the ride is terrifying. Easy to want to grab an oar. Letting go can feel like giving up and we fight that. Oh how we fight it. But letting go is sometimes the only way to get through to the other side safely and damage free. A d if you absolutely have to do something, you can always lighten the load while waiting and release some excess baggage that can weigh down the ship. Strong currents are a great time for release.