Teenage Struggle/I am Bible

As tears flow generously down the afore stained cheek, he mourns.

For loss of complete family and years of criticism, he breaks.

For neglect and demands and no free space, he wishes more.

While seeking meaning and purpose, he is scoffed.

In deep hormonal imbalance of teen season, he is insecure.

For him, I write love. I write courage. I write understanding. I write meaning. I write purpose. I write eternal security. I write truth. I am his Bible.❤

This Life Fella

Life seems to give and take away. Life crushes you one minute and restores you the next. Life throws you around like a ragdoll and then elevates you to princess status. So who is this life fella? Why does he do what he does? I do not know the specifics but I know that we can manage our responses to life and thus work on the outcome of the manipulative life fella and his dice game of our lives. The little that I know is this. There are two people and their respective armies in a war and we are all being fought over. There is a good guy and a bad guy in this scenario. The good guy wants to save the people and the bad guy wants to kill and destroy them because he will never be strong enough to be the good guy. So, the bad guy lies and cheats and steals and manipulates the people they fight over with his armies because he is pouting and prideful. The good guy promotes and protects and loves his people and answers everything they ask respectfully. The kicker is that all of this is invisible to our human eyes and ears because it exists in a spiritual dimension of reality humans miss. And this is the gist of the reality of our existence. The result of this spiritual controversy/war is the this fella “life” is the physical manifestation of the spiritual battle. There is right and wrong that happens but ultimately, the good guy wins and the bad guy loses, but he won’t give up until he is thrown into a bottomless pit. The good guy is God our Creator and His Son who saves us. The bad guy is a fallen angel Satan whose sin of pride has become his most powerful tool against us. And life is how it all plays out. Now, what we can do with this life fella is read the winner good Guy’s writings (the Bible) and get from that instruction manual aka love letter aka moral story book aka history book exactly how to weather every storm. And we can talk to that good Guy any time humbly and respectfully and get help. Also, we can live accept the good Guy’s gifts of salvation and the Holy Spirit to help see us out of life eventually into that spirit realm and rewards of heaven and peace and joy, etc. And, we can take care of our human bodies to strengthen our minds and emotions to help with the other stuff.  So, we may be tossed about a bit, up and down, but there is some things we can do to steady ourselves and be the better for it.


It never ceases to disgust me how vile our enemy is. He works at the basest level of ugly in ignorant or greedy minds to destroy the pawn he is using as well as as many others as he can. He knows his time is short. He seems to be working overtime. Every evil thought we give in to gives him hope and fuel. Every disgusting urge and fantasy he can imprint on a mind gives him a little victory. For that reason alone, we must hold tightly to our purity and defense (the Bible and prayer). Every prayer we offer, all our time in the Word, every act of service to others and God ultimately, every worship song sung, every encouraging word uttered is a win for God and a kick in the enemy’s gut. We are at war. It is more obvious now than ever because you can feel in the air how it is ramping up. Jesus will come soon. We have it in writing. Doomsday for all evil and corruption will be here soon. Until then, desperation is going to happen as the enemy nears its demise, and we must brace ourselves. We must stand strong with the fruits of the Spirit, Bible reading, prayer, service, love. Our job is to hold out, to do the right thing, knowing we are the winners, no matter what evils are unleashed in this world. This world will soon be changed and will never be stained with hatred and blood and ugliness again ever. It will be perfect and beautiful as God had originally made it to be. And Beauty and Love and Holiness is the victor! We are on the winning team. Stand strong and be encouraged that God is our Champion and His Son our Savior. We stand behind Him for Him and we are safe for eternity, no matter what temporary looks like. Praise God, all who are saved by Him! Worship the Holy One of Israel and His adopted ones! Praise the God who gave us life because He wanted us! Worship the Magnificent Creator!

Darkness and Light

Darkness hates, no detests light. When light comes up to darkness, light always wins and darkness has to leave. Where light is, darkness ceases to exist there. So those in the dark detest those having light. The darkness in these people wants to consume them in hopelessness and death disguised as light so they feel better about it and even embrace it as they are choked. The light loves the person and wants freedom and salvation for the person carrying the light. Darkness tells the person that temporary pleasure outweighs eternal pain. Light realizes truth and hope are in the future eternity and now is to work on that and shine the light to try to save the person distracted by the darkness. Don’t expect the person gripped by darkness and pleasure to like the light and be overjoyed to see the light for the lie upon lie the darkness has told has duped the person into believing the darkness is the light. Realize that when you are hated and attacked by darkness, the darkness is the enemy and not the poor person so deceived. Pray for truth and light and hope to capture the person carrying darkness as a badge and allow their heart to see truth from lie. This is what we can offer. Our light can be their salvation so never cease to share it. The darkness hates the light and all people because they were made by light. The light hates the darkness but loves the people created by light. We must separate the person from the darkness in our mind and heart and our eyesight will follow.

The Power Within

Last night, there was a funny blurb on ways to get out of jury duty and one of them was to respond to the lawyers question with “I am also a victim of murder”. The goal was to be found crazy and get out of jury duty, which was done in jest for laughs and I strongly recommend not getting out of jury duty (being part of why our system of justice is pretty fair and works.) But now that I’ve killed the joke, I must say that often we do in fact operate that way, as if we are victims of murder, as if we are innocent victims of sin and give up because it already won over us or something. However, when we are saved, the chains of bondage are cut. For some people, these chains fall away slowly because they are uncertain they really want it or it is safe without them and let go one link at a time. Other people believe and trust a greater degree and hurl them all off and never look back. As long as the chains come off, keep moving forward with the certain undeniable knowledge that the Holy Spirit within you has immeasurable power. So, the power within you now, the Holy Spirit, one of the Godhead, can instantly defeat whatever temptations or negativity or evil ways within you anytime you ask Him too. That is fact. There is no room for debate, and your unwillingness to remain a victim of murder or sin is simply a prideful lack of faith which thankfully can be remedied with a little or lot of contrition/humility and a simple request, “Help, I need your help.” Most wars are won in the heart and mind before any punches are thrown, before you are surrounded. Most wars are won or lost with decisions you make, knowingly or unknowingly, and it is the responsibility of the saved one to make these decisions you captives and decide that the Holy Spirit’s power can overcome any obstacles or foes and simply ask Him for help and confirmation. Maturity of faith comes with humble requests of dependence on God (practice) until you have such a habit of seeing His power in your life that you stop doubting it and just do it. Then God can move onto richer lessons for you. We must embrace this great power within us to grow in Christ and allow Him to work through us. There is much for us to do, much for the Holy Spirit to do through us.