Sitting by the Lake

I am currently sitting by Lake Hollingsworth. As I sit here looking at the water and sunrise and feel the fence breeze and see the flags blowing regally about, it struck me why people pay so much extra to live on a lake. And having dropped my son off to serve and as I wait for the Warriors Walk to begin around the lake, I feel blessed to be here, to be alive, to have been blessed by our servicemen/women who fought off intruders upon freedom so we may enjoy ours as lived sit out here enjoying the lake in the open, not crouching in fear. We stand tall and free because they did first. We have courage and opportunity because they used theirs for us. And there could not be as lived more perfect day to ho n or them, honor life, honor courage, honor freedom. Great walk to honor our great men and women who served and serve us all. Thank you, God, for our freedom. Thank you, God, for our soldiers. God bless us all! ❤

Walking with God

I walk in the mornings again, back to my normal routine. And while I walk, I have time to contemplate life. This morning I simply walked with God. I worshiped, I chatted, I appreciated, and it makes me very joyful to spend one on one time with my Maker/Heavenly Father. I know He knows every tiny detail of my life and heart and has chosen to love me anyway. Other people care about me, a few even love me and that is so beautiful, but I doubt even the greatest person on earth could still love me knowing every detail of my life and heart. At least one thing would be off putting or they would run screaming into the hills. Well, maybe not that bad lol. But it is a beautiful thing to know and speak with God who made us all and tells me in His Bible that He is my Heavenly Father and loves me not matter what. Who loves like that? Think about it because He loves you like that. Of course He wants us to humbly obey because His holiness demands justice but we do our best and pray and ask forgiveness and He forgives AND forgets. Amazing! God is soooooo good! I love Him. I would encourage you to take a walk or sit a spell with God today and find a time to do it every day. He blesses and rewards such obedience. 

Walking Through the Unknown

When we walk with God, and if our faith deepens to the point of putting our lives in His capable hands, He directs our paths. And like walking in the dark from step to step on flat towers with huge chasms beneath, God gives light and direction to our steps and we realize that following Him who is so full of grace, love and knowledge is actually never walking through the unknown for He knows everything and guides us. So it is never a matter of unknown but not enough faith. And as our faith and relationship with God grows, our need to know lessons and we become the culmination of what we should be, children. 

When I Walk the Country Road

I am unapologetically a nature girl. I am most alive outside, most happy dirty, most energetic working outside and most artistically worshipful surrounded by God’s designs and colors, touching His textures. I could live outdoors, rustic (no tech or electricity) camping is my favorite vacation. So when I walk down a country road, I am immediately the energetic, confident, loving, worshipful, poetic, artistic, powerful, fun girl again absolutely full of life and love and harmony with nature. It takes me back there, to before evil spots, dark places, bad experiences, grief, loss, etc. Walking down a country road for me is purifying to my soul and restorative to my essence. I am me again in the presence of God, purified and focused again, belting out new praise songs that pop into my head, dancing with the movement of the wind. I am that little girl who spent time alone with God again and His world. I am immediately reminded what is important and benidicial and what has to go, like doubt or worry or sorrow or anger. These melt away. The joy and peace and love and hope is left, faith and trust in God. And everyone has their walk down a country road. Some people’s is revisiting a familiar place from the past or going fishing or hitting a baseball straight down center or sitting quietly alone in prayer. Whatever you need to do to remember, do it because sometimes we need to go back and be reminded who we were originally made to be and the incredible Who who made us. ❤❤

Walking On with What Matters

Along life’s journey, as we walk on, some things matter but most things don’t. The things that matter really, really matter and everything else is pretty much distractions or opposition to our making those things matter. Life is pretty simple. The entire spectrum of our emotions are exeedingly complex and I wrestle with controlling those, especially now with grief fresh and hormones trying to eat me alive sometimes. In a related story, things like puberty and perimenopause complicate these emotions immensely. But I digress. The few things that matter are God the Creator first and foremost, the fruits of the Spirit (God’s love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control), ourselves, family (blood and adopted), nature, and other people in our close proximity. That is the order and the content. That is it. The stuff of our lives, the places we live, furniture, tv, cars, money, whatever else are only important as it helps with those important things. The rest of it is nonsense, people’s drama- their own and what they inflict onto others- is unnecessary and even dangerous to the important things. In fact, we need to protect our important things from these distractions and/or attacks. They need to be avoided because they fight for rights to your thoughts and heart and only take, never give. I am seeing these things more clearly. Since my Daddy died, it feels like I received a portion of his focus he was so good at and I never was. I seem to have been given a gift from him by God to help me cope and journey forward. And this strong bent toward that which is important is drumming in my heart. I am asking the question, “Before I pick this up and walk on, is it one of my important things? Who is it benefitting if I pick it up?” Introspection. If it is not important, leave it there and walk on. If it does not benefit those important people, leave it there and walk on. That is my plight, my very new talent and ability. Thank you for passing this gift down to me, God. I am thankful for it. It keeps crazy away and feels so good to be focused with a clear heart. So take care what you pick up as you walk on. Maybe we can help each other out.