The Fairest of Them All

Walking with Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit changes your viewpoint, changes your vision. You become more mature spiritually so see the world through the eyes of Jesus through His Holy Spirit. You start seeing the bully as pathetic and in need of spiritual healing. You start seeing the homeless person as needing physical help and maybe mental help but definitely spiritual healing. You start seeing power hungry politicians in their lies as needing punishment to get their attention because they are needing spiritual healing. You start seeing immature Christians as needing spiritual guidance and training. And so on. You start seeing lonely on people, sadness in eyes, joy sometimes thank God, shallowness when deeper is the longing. And the fairest of them all is the humble who want and long for and seek God as much as He has always loved them. That can be poor or rich or in between, but you see that soul humble and crying out for God. That is true beauty, the glory within us built in allowed to shine through. It is the connection to God only possible through the impeccable strength of humility (humbleness, not humiliation). And this I can see now and it is gloriously beautiful.😄❤

It Won’t be There; It Won’t Matter

God gave me a vision through His Holy Spirit in the shower of all places just now. I started by crying out at the hurts faced today and the Holy Spirit started speaking and giving me a heavenly scene to look at…

“During the melennial reign of Christ and in Heaven soon betrayal will not matter; it won’t be there. Evil will not matter; it eill not be there. My sins will not matter, they are forgive; they will not be there. Money will not matter; it will not be there. Poverty will not matter; it will not be there. Selfishness will not matter; it will not be there. Love will matter; it will be there. Christ will matter; He will be there.”

What a beautiful focal point for me, what comfort and hope, what power to draw from that big picture. Not far from now, all the bad stuff will not matter; it will not exist to our knowledge ever again. Wow!!!❤❤❤

The Power of Dreaming

Dreaming, exploring possibilities in your mind, thinking out goals visually, is extremely powerful. There was a true story of a Prisoner of War veteran who mentally survived a war camp for 7 years, much of which was spent in solitary confinement. Upon rescue, he was asked how he survived and he replied that he kept visualizing getting better at golf, his favorite hobby. He pictured the swing, the putts, the greens, the sand traps, the air on his face, etc. And upon release, he started playing the best golf game of his life. This is the power of dreaming/visualization. And I had a dream growing up that I have kept mulling for decades over of a cabin in the woods with windows that allow the morning sun to stream in rays onto my bed, coffee in hand basking in the warmth of the light, like a morning kiss from heaven. I am dressed in a sheer white nightgown and the woods are teaming with life and the song of the birds. It is just me and God. That peaceful scene is how I picture heaven and its serenity has calmed my soul in very muddy, dark circumstances. The grimmer the environment, the lighter the soul lifts with the vision. It is powerful and a gift from God to help survive the rough. He is so good!

Seeing Things

I see a lot. An artist is one who sees things and then can interpret what they see into a presentation or package of sort (music, paintings, sculpture, words, etc.) that someone else can then see and maybe appreciate. Sometimes what we see is only in our minds, sometimes it is an inner event in someone else, sometimes it is so staying in nature, and sometimes it is a culmination of experiences put together in a way that recreates something or creates something new out of it. Any way you look at it, you see first. Seeing things takes some time and effort but more than all of it a focused desire to see. Seeing requires a desire to do so. Seeing things takes dedicated moments of concerted concentration and calmness to absorb things, attending to emotions, attending to stories beyond the facts, attention to flavors of environments and not just the players in it. Colors, smells, feelings, textures, lighting, all play a part in assembling the truth of the situation and not just blind facts of it. To see is a gift. I thought everyone had this when I was young because so many artists in their own right surrounded me. Moving away from this tiny artistic slower moving town, I was struck with the busyness of the cities and suburbs I lived in and how few people took the time to see. Those of us who took that time still, called artists, stood out among the rest and were in demand for skills we possessed to do so. But what I am struck with is how few try. So many could learn to pause in an important or memorable moment and really see things happening and note in their mind’s eye what is valuable in the situation and draw from it later. Life increases with much greater value when the important times are recalled with clarity and precision. It is worth extra time for the moment to be saved, depended upon and recreated to remind others. Oh how valuable is the precious meaningful moments in nature, with family, near friends, by children! They need to be captured and referred back to often for the dark moments, moments that come when it is a curse to see things. For these moments, we must reference our good thoughts, our light, the laughter or beauty of preciousness. Herein is the unsurpassing value of art and seeing things beyond the facts. This is why seers are important, this is why art is important. Rising above the gloom or hard times, art revives our spirits to happy places. This is why I value art and life. We have a choice in it. We can focus on the good. We can focus on better times. We can share our sight of the truth.

Inspiring Admiring

Sometimes when an artist is struggling to get their voice, someone admiring their work will inspire them to express themselves in a way that rises higher than any previous attempt. And when that inspiring admiration comes from someone who loves them, the message rings more pure. For you see, the sensitive artist needs encouragement five million time more than criticism in order to strike up the confidence to shine their own star. An artist may seem replete with confidence to get where they are when you see them but the closer you get to their steps, you look ahead with them and see a short distance only as they do because their journey is not yet clear. However, you look behind and see what amazing strides have been taken. We are all on a journey. The artist has a journey that ties their creativity to their present location. The wise lover of an artist will inspire their artist with admiration and encouragement and thus push them into the unknown where their artistry takes them to a new place on their journey. With proper encouragement and trusted arms to hold onto, the artist will flourish in their artistry and be more of who they can be. Remember the importance of your words. Remember the importance of your glances and supportive and balancing arms to the sensitive soul. Remember that sounds from criticism cut down the potential of the sweet soul and it takes long strides in the positive to overcome short stops in the negative. Consider your children to be artists in this light. Children, not only your own but all crossing your path, need positivity to flourish. And in common with the artist, will not ask you for this help. This does not mean they don’t need it. It may mean they don’t realize how badly they need it. The only exception to this is the Great Artist, God the Creator. He does not need our admiration to be I worked to improve. He is perfect and does the encouraging. This is beautiful.