The Story of Two Wrongs vs One Right

“Two wrongs don’t make a right” has rung in my ears and has committed to knowledge at a young age. There is wrong and right. “Bad” people are just those who decided to commit a wrong, an offence that has reprocussions. The one attacked in some way is the victim. And vengeance belongs to the Lord, who will repay an unrepentant act some day and eternally. That is the idea. For the victim to repay now does not make the crime right or atoned for. That being said, my dad was a Marine and when my sister’s boyfriend beat her, he whooped him then called the police. And when I would see kids picked on growing up and then later, I always stepped in to see justice was done. There is something within some or maybe many of us that wants wrong to be punished and right to be the norm. And I attribute this to our makeup, having all been created by God, the Holy One, the good One. We all know right from wrong attributed something in us says, “That is wrong” or “That is right”. Those who choose to do wrong will be punished by God someday, even if they get away with it now. So it is in His hands. And as I have grown closer to Him, I bow humbly to His direction and control. I want to let Him do what He will. I wish for God’s will to be done. I believe that is what Jesus meant by “turn the other cheek”. To stop someone doing wrong in their tracks to minimize damage but then let God deal with their fate and not us pursue further harm. God cannot change their heart back if they are dead. Then it is too late. So stopping them and then allowing law enforcement to do their job allows a chance for contemplation and hopefully repentence. This made sense to me after years of working this out. So I wanted to share my findings for those who have also pondered this. Attitude of the heart is really the heart of the matter, pun intended. Lol ❤

Ugly Moments

A day goes by in a peaceful manner and BAM, all of a sudden something very ugly happens. What do you do? Is the day ruined? Is it all a wash? How do you balance your memory of the moments before with your cringing at the moments during the ugly or after it until you can regain composure? Well, if you find out, let me know. Here’s what I do, though, that works sometimes. I, being extraordinarily visual for a girl (so I’ve been told- I think gender has less to do with it than personality or attention), visualize myself picking up the ugly moment and surrounding ugly (it is shaped like a large dark brown leather bag of luggage for some reason) and I either throw it up to God for Him to dispose of or on particularly angry days I throw it into the fire myself. Let me tell you what this does. This tells my little self that that this matter was out of my control and forced upon me so I reject it as a part of my life and who I am. I tell you this because of this reason. Many of us have had or like me also continue to have ugly things happen to us and these things are deliberate and hideous but absolutely outside our control so outside our choice to do something about it or not. We cannot make these experiences a part of our story unless that story is our choice to pull out to help someone else going through it. We can decide to attend to them and allow them to hold us up and hinder our growth and testimony and energy or we can choose to give them to God or discard them as rubbish unless we need to use that on our terms to help someone else. I have had a miscarriage. I bring out that experience when a dear friend has had one and needs someone to understand their pain. Then I choose to experience that pain again with them in love with hope that it helps them. I have had other very bad experiences that I use the same way to help people. But my relationship with God and understanding of His Word has grown to the extent that I decide whether to carry the bad around with me or not and more often than not, bye bye it goes to Him, who can actually do something about it. “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord. “It is I who repay.” So when it is really bad, and some of it has been, I don’t want to retaliate because I want God to do it. It is His baby. He is my Father and a good Father protects His children. His job. My job is to allow Him to do His job. And He will if He hasn’t already. You don’t know everything going on. We all have this choice. We can all choose what to carry and what to let go.

When Tides Turn and Heaven Is

Evil seems robust these days. Satan is living wild his last years, trying so hard to take as many people to hell with him as possible when he goes. It will be ugly, he will take many. However, one day soon the tide, she will turn. This tide will turn about as polar opposite as possible. In fact, the tide will turn so hard so fast that it will all happen “in the blink of an eye”. And all of a sudden, we will be living in a world of light and not darkness, love and not hate, worship and not persecution. The world will applaud as Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, ascends His rightful throne and the enemy and all He was able to fool and manipulate will be thrown out like the garbage they decided to be and their fun will be over and forever will begin. The tide will turn on all those who thought that any old way leads to heaven. The tide will turn on all those who decided to prosper on the heads of the low and bask in riches on the heads of the poor. Those who decided that bullying to get what they wanted and those who turned other foolish prideful thoughts into actions will be the lowly pathetic ones. As I heard recently, ” If I am wrong, I have wasted my life but if you are wrong, you have wasted eternity”, it will be so. The humbled Christ followers, those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior, their Messiah, will be save and spend forever with God their Creator in heaven forever. Those who don’t, won’t and it is just that simple. The wars will end. Can you even imagine that? Love will lead us! Can you fathom it? Streets of pure gold, doors of one humongous gem and precious stone each. Can you see it? Worship from sun up to sun down with no actual sun and no night. Wow! Are you seeing this? No murder, no abortions, no pain, no tears, no bullying, no politicians at all, no envy, no hate. I am going to lose my mind thinking of this! I can not imagine who would not want to be in this place!! I started this blog with retribution in mind d for perverted and overpowering government ruling the people to gain power and force evil ideals upon us for their own evil purposes, those who bully and manipulate to get what they want, those who would murder a human being because it is inconvenience t for them to be there, those who punish and blame others for their sins and those who lead others astray. And I in anger want to say that these people will get theirs sooner than they think because vengeance is God’s and He will repay. But when I started speaking of heaven, the glorious land of God our glorious Creator, I can only be joyful and gleefully distracted and become really sad for those poor stupid souls who would choose on purpose a lie that leads to temporary pleasure and perceived power but forever later in hell rather than to go to heaven forever where evil will not be. Good wins. Choose good, choose God. Win with us! You will have peace on earth as a follower of our Messiah Yeshua, Jesus Christ and peace forever more! Wow!