Validation is Encouraging

My best friend Shawny (I miss her!) and I used to encourage each other in truth and talent and help and praise. It was awesome. We both needed it, having somewhat particular (in her case) and critical (in my case) parents. So we met that need for encouragement for each other growing up. Perfect, right? Well, we ended up in other parts of the country and we don’t get that all the time. So when I hear encouraging morsels from the Bible, good books, blogs, audience members, church family members, band family members, etc., it is invaluably emcouraging. Validation is encouraging, not to hear how great I am doing or be puffed up like a peacock, but to know I am on the right track and helped someone or encouraged them. So never be afraid to encourage in truth someone. It is not about their ego but may just give them a burst of light in their day and help them know if they are doing ok. Feedback is important and precious. Intelligent people actually want to get/do better. Love them that way, it’s good.❤

The Caring One

No matter who cares or doesn’t care about every aspect of your life, you can rest peacefully and with great joy that the God who made you cares about the minutest detail and the greatest plans and dreams of your life. You are loved and adored and never left alone or unappreciated. You were carefully made by Him and He loves who He made. You were no accident, no matter the circumstances of your birth and you are deeply treasured by the most powerful Being in the entire universe. Thus, you are the richest of human beings, regardless of your earnings and you are the most powerful of human beings, regardless of the position you hold. Never forget who you are and who your Father God is. Do not be afraid of anything and never doubt. You are God’s.