Far Off Familiarity

When one’s world is changed dynamically, there is a new strangeness to things once mundane. Everything looks different, has a different flavor, it is changed forever. Once you then grow used to this new world you live in and there is a new normal and you see in passing someone that was once prominent in the old world, it is weird. It is like being transformed into a new mesh of the new and old. I do not know what to make of it so I will just let it go and allow God to lead me His way. I walk with Him, so anything now must gel with Him. He is the deciding factor. So… I feel weird but I still praise God! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Unexpectedly Useful

I put my skirt on the sides of my quilt I am finishing up. And looking at it, the skirt only came down halfway the height of the mattress. Tacky to me, and I knew it would but me every time I saw that, so I looked for a solution. And just like my Heavenly Father that knows and loves me so well, He turned my head to my fabric pieces and my eye fell on leftovers of a beat up curtain sheer, the cotton kind not the impossible to work with sheer. And it was pretty beat up but white and had enough not beat up parts that I was able to cut out what I needed for an extra 6 inches on each side. Perfect. Beautiful. Unexpected. Useful. God. And that is what God has been doing in my life lately. I draw close to Him and He makes ugly into unexpectedly useful and beautiful. He shows me the beauty in everything. He provides even before I get a chance or am just about to ask Him. And there is no doubt that God loves and provides, friends. He walks with me, talks with me. There is no imagination in it, He is truth and clarity. Oh how I love Him and oh how He loves us, all of us He made beautifully on purpose!!! Precious Savior! Talk to Him, draw close to Him. He loves and wants that and you will never be disappointed by it!!! 🙂 Love you, friend!❤

Unexpected Guests

I love surprises. I would rather be surprised, with good or bad news really. I don’t want to know until I have to if it is bad and if it good, I glean much more enjoyment if it is unexpected. Why? Because I am internally still a child in many ways. I get bored. I was adventure, seek new things, bad or good as long ass it us new. And life is absolutely full of new experiences all the time so I am happy. And today, I met with a friend and her family from my former years who we had grown through and recently had lost touch. And she was there this morning before I had put my piano away! It was so good to see them and what a great surprise!!! There is much fun and beauty and happy things to think on with such an unexpected visit from an old friend. God provides people in life to love on and be loved by when you need them. I love that about God. It is so cool because He, being my Heavenly Father, knows I love surprises and He gives me surprise blessings when I need them. God is so very good, my friend!!!!

Stopping Off a Bit

The biggest thing I have learned through many many roadtrips (usually unplanned) is that bathrooms are much more important than anyone ever gives them credit for. Know where they are, for heavens’ sake. Next in importance is so very important. Stop off a bit on the way. Rest, refresh, involve yourself in a new place, understand a new spot, a foreign piece of soil, a new tree, a vivid flower, especially the tiny little wild ones at your feet. There is a peace and tranquility that only occurs in the stops, the breaks, the taking a minute to just be and just be in a new space that you can never match by any other means. Most importantly is the notion that we must breathe to be. We must rest sometimes to continue on and we are richer for it. Do not feel guilty in life either to need a break now and again. It is much more unnatural to force yourself to continue and be poorer for not having enough oxygen to your lungs. Must breathe. Must take in the air to revive and be better at everything else. Addition things to note:
1. Crunchy snacks are invaluable.
2. Drink only what water you have to and as much coffee as you can handle without more frequent bathroom stops.
3. Wear shoes you can slip off.
4. Be sure your car is in tip top shape.
5. Prepare (like with a gallon of water or fix a flat or full spare tire, etc.) in case.
6. Take turns at the bathroom and someone stay with the car. Rest stops can harbor thieves sometimes, better safe than sorry.
7. Determine if you have a destination or are winging it and feel free to swap those as needed. 🙂
8. Never forget where you come from in the excitement of where you are going. Then never forget you went there.
9. Pictures. Take them. Clarity dims with time. Take the shot. Make notes at what you shot.
10. Only take people with you that appreciate and uplift or go alone. If someone starts being negative, even if unexpected things happen, leave them at the closest rest stop with their phone to call a taxi and enough money to get them home. The money is worth parting with. So is the negativity. Warn them first so you don’t feel guilty. lol
11. Even if you have done that trip before, find something new to try, a new place to go, a different route, whatever.
12. Invest in a map of the area. The road less traveled by may be amazing but also may not connect up again to the highway or go in a straight line. 

Refreshing Rain

People speak of rain like it’s a bad thing. I see it quite differently. Rain is refreshing. It cleans the air. It waters the crops. It provides magnificent contrast to ceaseless sunshine. It forces action. It provides for life sustaining water to drink. It also is quite lovely to listen to. Much the same way, rain spells of trials and unexpected experiences in our lives yield the same potentially positive results. We have the chance to learn and grow from such experiences, we have the ability to appreciate everything for having gone through worse. We are cleaned and purified through these experiences in our lives. We know full well something better is coming in our futures so we can humble ourselves to rise above these challenges and allow refreshing to happen. New growth and life result at the end of it. Sure it is dark and inhospitable at the moment, but every storm ends. Every storm ends. Don’t begrudge the rain. Don’t detest it. Don’t grumble or complain about it. It is an opportunity to improve and grow. The rain will refresh you if you cooperate. Or it can just make you all wet. That choice is yours. 🙂

Five Seconds From Upside Down

Never be fooled into believing nothing will happen or change or if it will, that it will do so only after giving you a heads up. One day, my friend was fine after a routing physical, the next day she was told results of that routine blood work that started the evaluation and determination for cancer and her life was changed forever. One day I was a career woman with an only son and remarried and shortly after we discovered I was pregnant and our lives changed forever. One day my parents moved down to live close to us and all was well. Then, three days later dad had a massive stroke and two months later mom follows with a broken hip. Our lives have not been the same since. What I am saying is not to fear and worry and look suspiciously at life. Want I am saying from one keenly in touch with surprise occurrences, is that sometimes there are surprise occurrences. And the way this world is heading in these widely anticipated end times, they are far more certain than what we know of right now. And my word for such expectancies is peace. My gift to you when uncertainty hits you between the eyes is that our security does not lie with plush cushions and cuddling under the stars or coffee and newspaper at breakfast with slippers and a robe. Our security does not lie with security systems, a stash of food, armor or Rottweiler’s. Our security is much more valuable and secure than that. Our security is found with the Maker of us all and designer and coordinator of the complex system of sustained life we recognize as the universe. If He is for us, no one can be against us. And the Bible states clearly that He is for all who trust in Him for salvation. We are just passing through in this body shell. We have a short and undetermined amount of time here to verify we accept the sacrifice of the Messiah Jesus Christ and then we are relocated after that to our eternal destination of heaven in closer community with God and those who believe as we do. Wide is the path that leads where you don’t want to go and narrow is the path to life eternally. The Bible is quite clear on that point. It also shows that all this is seen as nonsense and craziness to those who reject His truth. So my security and peace and joy is not dependent on what happens to me ever, no matter what it is. To think so is very short sighted and distracted. My peace and joy and security come because the all powerful God of heaven’s armies is my adoptive Father. What other than Him would I possibly fear? What on His green earth should surprise me or shake me from my foundation of truth? Nothing can happen without His okay, so if He allows it, it is for a reason that serve a greater purpose than my comfort. My goal is not to be comfortable, it is to pass the test and get the heck out of here when my time of testing and service is completed. We live such comfortable lives. Most of us know no real suffering. Some live with it , but most don’t and they like to think polish and goal and cozy is how life should be. However, we are never ever called to live on a break. We are called to serve, to do, to move, to help. We are given peace and joy when we do these things out of love because of our thankfulness for salvation. God wants everyone to be saved. We really need to get busy toward that goal. My thoughts of the night to remind us all to think. I needed this word tonight. Praise God!