True Love Remains

True love remains.

If “love” left, it was never truly love.

True love remains.

If “love” cheated, it was not love.

True love remains faithful.

If “love” hurt deeply, it was not love.

True love remains protective.

If “love” lied to you, it was not love.

True love remains honest.

If “love” involved secrets, it was not love.

True love remains open.

If “love” was selfish, it was not love.

True love remains sacrificial.

Jesus loves you. This I know. The Bible tells me so. We humble ones belong to Him. We are all weak but He is so strong. And Jesus actually did die for you then rose for your option to live with Him forever in heaven. That is what true love looks like.❤

Love Stays

If he or she left and threw you out like garbage, that was not love. If they are gone, it was not love. Love stays. Love protects. Love looms after the interests of the lover and not themselves. Love is patient. If they were impatient, it was not love. Love is kind. If they were unkind, it was not love. Love does not make an account of wrongs. If they lord mistakes over you, it was not love. Love forgives freely and generously. How do I know all this? What makes me so sure? I have been loved like this real true love I am talking about. And let me assure you, you will never find all this in a person apart from them walking first with the source of this love. This is God’s description of love, who He is naturally. God is love. God’s love is true and pure like this. Love stays. And if it is real love, it stays, protects, serves, among the other characteristics mentioned and found in 1 Corinthians 13. I have loved with this pure love but been loved back by only one or two in my lifetime. Sometimes you are close enough to the Lord to understand and love someone and they simply are not spiritually in the same arena and cannot love you beyond their own comfort. This is not love, you must understand. This is something else mismatched. It cannot last, will not stay, lies to you both. Do not fall for it. Fall for God, love Jesus for He is the only One who can love you. Of course a spouse can but God definitely has to be involved in the relationship. There is no other way. Love stays.