Lack of Problems is Not the Goal

So, ya don’t want any problems? Join the club. The goal in life is not to get through it without anything happening. Not only is that literally impossible but horribly boring and leads to spoiled, self- centered boring immature brats sitting about, wanting to be waited on.

We are alive to serve and worship God.

Trouble comes because God loves us enough to grow and mature us and show us His love for us by caring us through everything. We grow, we mayure, we develop into people who serve and worship God through trouble. Unfortunately there is sin in this world and we are stubborn with pride so learning has to happen through trouble.

The best thing we can do is not avoid trouble but be contrite and learn the lesson quickly and get quickly to serving and worshipping God. ❤

Little Bird

Little bird in the tree, are you looking at me?

Or are you finding a path to fly by?

Should you take off in flight or jump from branch high

And come to the ground for some feed?

Little bird, way up high in the branch, wonder why

There is never a worm in the air?

You have to fly down to the dangerous ground 

To eat that plump worm that is there.

Little bird, it is tempting to swoop down to eat some worm soup

But trouble is there from the cat on the stair. And it is smarter to be thin and up there.❤

Sunrise at Midnight

This is an excerpt from “Inspiring Thoughts for Mother” by Access Publishing in 2004. It follows:
“All the great and awful things in life seemed to pass before her… Storms, sin and suffering of every kind. She shrank back at first in terror, but she soon saw that the presence of God surrounded and enveloped her… And that if there were ever so thin a film of this glorious Presence between herself and the most terrible violence, not a hair of her head could be ruffled, nor anything touch her, except as the Presence divided to let it through.
Then all the small and annoying things of life passed before her, and equally she saw that there also she was so enveloped in this presence of God that not a cross look, nor a harsh word, nor petty trial of any kind could affect her, unless God’s encircling presence moved out of the way to let it.
Her difficulty vanished. She saw that her life came to her… hour by hour, directly from the hand of God… and never again found any difficulty in an abiding consent to His will and an unwavering trust in His care. ~ Hannah Whitall Smith”

There is an amazing and incomprehensible peace and security in knowing God is in charge, speaking with Him consistently in prayer and reading His truths in His Bible. There is more so in the knowledge that I have called upon the name of my Redeemer Jesus Christ to be saved. And as He is God, All Powerful and All Knowing and All Wise and Love, I have this assurance that He only allows into our presence that which grows or tests us or prepares us to help others. There is no greater feeling for an amazing night’s sleep than to know beyond all doubt that when this brief life is over, I will spend forever in a sinless world of Heaven with this amazing Redeemer who made me. I hope I see all of you there when the time comes. Praise God for His great provision and hope for our futures!!

When Your Bananas Brown

Of course, you make bread. When your bananas brown, you make bread. It is just that simple. When things go in a way that is inevitable but you don’t want to think about, you make the most of it. When the eggs don’t get scrambled, you make an omelet. You get the food analogy thing. It is important to know that we live in a world where things are going wrong. They are going wrong because it is inevitable that they do, we are warned that things are going to go wrong until Jesus returns, which is soon, folks. So, what do we do? Cry that we worked hard and it’s not going right? No. That would be silly because we already know that will be the case. We change our hat, flex our agendas and celebrate the soon coming of our King. Aslan will return. The King with come back. We do not mourn inconvenience for the moment. No, we are followers of the truth. We anticipate the forever after this brief bad spell. There will be joys along the way if we are flexible and look for them. My friend and mentor Char Pierson used to say that we are supposed to be “Flexible to the point of liquidity but not vaporization.” I like that. It’s not so bad when problems come. We know they will. It is pretty incredible that we are seeing the moments before the greatest event of history (after the birth and resurrection/re-birth, that is). Don’t mourn your bananas going brown. Make bread and enjoy each morsel.

Trouble, It Comes

When things go better and are starting to look up, BAM!, slapped in the face with greater evils you had before. It never fails. It happens every stinking time. It becomes a struggle to survive, rather than flourish, you have to focus to get a job completed. And the offender, of course, appears to be living large, enjoying life in full. For every pain they poke into your heart, they seem to get $100. Or more. You do everything right. You pray every prayer for the offender, for ourselves, in praise and worship. You read every verse in the Bible on the subject. You read well meaning books that are supposed to help. You ask other people to pray for you and your situation. You do everything right. And BAM!, slammed down again. Why? Is God not caring about your particular hardships? Well, no, because we are promised in His Word that He hears our prayers and loves us and cares for every detail of our lives. So, if it is not Him out to get us, it must be the other guy, right? Yes, actually, we are told that our battles are not against flesh and blood (no matter how deeply it feels like it) but are against the enemy of God and his puppets. So, God blesses us and we are feeling peaceful and good and then KAPOW! another blow comes by the enemy of our good Lord. And the war is quite literally for our souls. We are in a tug of war, ladies and gentlemen, in a hardcore spiritual tug of war for our soul. The good Guy, of course, has already won the big war and the fate of all who persevere to the end is already sealed in a Good Book, bound for heaven. Of course, each person still is being fought over because the wounded and defeated enemy wants to take away as many as he can from God to take to hell with him. So, why would we be rewarded for persevering to the end if there was no difficulty or anything to persevere through? And we can get it. Each time we get a BAM! or a KAPOW! blow to the heart or head or body, we can remind ourselves that the bad guy is trying to get us again and we can resist and quote Scripture out loud and pass safely over his crippled body into the green pasture ahead. We must keep this proper perspective to survive and persevere to the end. Jesus is coming back again, folks, and it won’t be too long now. We know our eternity and forever is sealed in heaven with the good God who created everything good and perfect with love. We can be swayed by our emotions, but we can never be swayed by our knowledge of God and His plan He wrote for us in His Word, the Bible. We must go on knowledge. Knowledge is power. Love is power. Love is God. God has the knowledge. He, the Victor, is our Savior for salvation once and from attacks every stinking day now. The enemy may use your family, your church, your neighbors who belong to him or are willing puppets for him, so beware. We are never commanded to trust other people, but we are commanded strongly to trust God. He is trustworthy. He loves us. He loves you. If no one else in the world but Him (and me) love you, He does. He loves you distinctly and forever. Trust that knowledge.