Humble me Low

There are some experiences in life that can very quickly humble you low. These bring you down a notch or two and sometimes more. Things like living through war, abuse, trauma, breakups, divorce, bad marriage fit, loss of a loved one, loss of a valued pet, loving more than you are loved, or something as simple as slipping too heavily into a movie. Whatever  your selection, it generally involves some level of pain, sometimes deep, sometimes less so. And it leaves the feeler of the pain empty, demoralized, low, hurting, pained, lost. You see, pain often brings at least momentary humbleness. And these immense burdens are difficult to bear but may be used as lessons. That same experience can either make or break you. Being humble is preparing your life for the next thing, preparing the person to either accept the lesson and learn from it and make better decisions next time and acknowledge God in your life or the opposite, becoming more self focused, feeling drained, being permanently damaged, blaming God, etc. And you know only one tiny thing lies between those two options. Your decision. You set your mind and heart to whichever you desire. It reveals your inner heart, it shows your true self and desires, it exposes you. There is a great scene in Lion King where the lion is talking to the monkey about his pain. The monkey hits him and talks to him. Then he tries to hit him again and the lion ducks. And the monkey said you can run from it or you can learn from it. We will gravitate toward what is easiest- hide, protect, run, blame, cover up, retreat, self medicate to feel better again. But you can never go back to how you were before entirely. That is not how it works. You have to pull together all the courage you can muster and remember the truth of the Bible you read and memorized and pray and get back up again, moving forward wiser and with a new tool you can use when you need it. You can only be more equipped to survive something big if you survive something little first. It builds self confidence or self hate, depending on your decision. One feeds the soul and matures the individual, while the other not only prevents growth and wisdom but removes some of what you had. Being humbled is a good thing. I have come to embrace it as much as I once detested it. It is a way to growth and freedom. There is always a price to be paid to learn but learning is always worth that price.

The Hardest Thing

The hardest thing about life is not the obstacles. They are difficult, no doubt, but are not the hardest thing. Negativity is excrutiating also and very very hard but not the hardest thing. Death and losing people for different reasons is painful and horrible and very very very hard but still not the hardest thing. The hardest thing of all, in my opinion, is doing all that without love to couteract all those things. The greatest love is God of course. But we need each other too. We need people we love to have our back. With the right support system, everything on the planet is doable. With love, everything is easier to bear, easier to go through, less hard. Love is a light and when it is present, the darkness fades. To do life, especially now when things are not what they once were, without at least one person who loves you is the hardest thing. Anything can do you in. It is just that rough out there. So the key to getting through the ugliest of circumstances and hardest of situations and environments is to be sure you invest in someone you can love that loves you. Quality of love and investment is the key. For some people it is family, a spouse, a good friend, a dog, a cat (who are we kidding, that is imagined- lol), whatever, just be sure it is somebody. Life was never meant to be done alone. It is worth everything to hang on to love. It can and will carry you through the really rough stuff that is bound to come if you’re not knee deep in it now as I am and so many I know are. God will give you wisdom to find that one or two people or more if you are really blessed as I am. But pray they will be close enough to reach you with their arms, my biggest problem. Reach out for love. Cherish it. It is the hardest thing in the world to be without it through good or especially bad times. Love rules.

Trials of All Sorts

Trials of all sorts are inevitable. If you are not in one or just stepped out of one recently, one is just ahead. They hurt. They try you. They rip you to shreds. They make you feel low and vulnerable and humble (hopefully) and insignificant in the scheme of things. Why do we have to endure these things? Because we can get a little prideful, a little haughty, a little too big for our britches. And God is our Father in Heaven. An excellent, perfect father as He is to us does not let his whiny snot-nosed brats (like we are sometimes as adults) just get whatever we want and watch us brag about it and want more. No, a perfect father does not let his kid get away with murder or evil things or just continue along a monotonous path we feel comfortable with forever. Why not leave us alone? Because He is alive and we are too and a good father as He is wants the best for us. He wants us to stretch our limits and see what amazing gifts He gave us to use and enjoy. He wants us to grow our characters and become more like Him, more perfect each day, more willing to serve and help and show love. He wants us to be good. So, He disciplines sometimes and tests other times and both feel like the same thing- a painful trial. Trials, if you have ever endured them, suck. They tear you up. They make you feel really really stupid. So don’t expect a fun road, but the absolute best thing anyone can ever do to get through a trial faster is this. My secret. Here it is. Give Up. Immediately, once you recognize the trial, fall down flat on your face and give up control to God, humbly admit that He is God and you are not and let it go to Him. More may be required, like some degree of effort to accomplish a task, but often God takes care of the rest when you humble yourself and ask Him to. Learn the lesson. Find the correction or lesson quickly and it will be over quickly. Be proud and haughty and find your own way out and you may have to go through the same or different versions of the same trial over and over and over, you get the point. The beauty of God as Father is not only that He wants us to grow and stretch and improve, but He also is filled with love and adoration for us. So He gives us this monster to tackle, but when we ask Him for help, He tackles it with us/for us/through us. Amazing. So, if facing a trial or just did or will do, please remember my secret and use it. It is free. It might save you a heck of a lot of pain. God bless you!! 🙂

On Prideful Arrogance vs. Humble Truth

The original sin of the original sinner, Satan, was pride. So every sin since has been rooted in pride. It is the most natural root of all sin because we are built in with this sense of goodness in self and a desire to care for and protect ourself. It is easily blown out of proportion and switched to a desire to get more than our fair share perhaps and that can manifest itself lots of ways. Recently I saw a new set of ugly in an attitude of pride which manifested itself within the church as a supposed self righteous indignation. I saw accusations hurled in an attempt to get back at for some perceived wrong, to look right to the world to cover their own sins, a flaw which was taken to the church authorities in an attempt to divide a church just to get back at someone for something they actually did. And at first seeing this I was angry because it throws spit up at my Lord by saying He authorized dividing His church, which He never would and by judging another as guilty and self as perfect when My Lord said we are all having sin and do not judge. Those which use His name and attach it to their own will and pride to justify their own sinful desires and faults are to me the ugliest sort of criminals. But upon further thinking, I began to realize that people who do this are pathetic, lost souls that need the One they are claiming to know better than the truth of the Bible. You cannot distort the truth of the Bible and create your own truth with some verses thrown in for out of context support and expect to live a fulfilled life. Truth of the Bible needs to be read and heard in its entirety. The better you know the Book, the better you know the Hero of it. Picking and choosing what you like to suit your own selfish prideful desires and whims and thoughts follows a dangerous line of reasoning which is based on lies. And that is very sad because you miss the point then entirely. The point, ladies and gentlemen, is that truth is truth. It is not based on your interpretation of the truth or your idea of what the truth might mean in this situation. It stands for itself. Truth need never be defended. Truth does not require your biased interpretation. Not one bit. And truth always wins. It is a quiet defender of itself and is never shaken, never wrong, never weak, never meandering, never wavering. Truth stands alone. And it stands for whoever seeks it devotedly with a humble heart. So those weak ones attacked by lies or biases or prideful ones actually are a million times stronger with a much better fate than their attacker because the humble are lifted high. What lifts them? Truth. When truth is on your side, you do not need anything else. Truth protects and uplifts and where you humbly allow it to work, truth will be your greatest hero and ally. How is that possible? Because God is truth. There is no truth apart from God. So when truth is on your side, so is the greatest Superpower in the history of anything at all. And I would much rather fall on my face in humility and allow God and His truth to work than to stand pridefully up against Him to feel better about yourself for a minute or justify incorrectly your own perfection, as if. The choice is between bowing low to God of your own volition or being forced to later, I choose to bow.

Finding the Lost Pieces of You

I am not whole yet. I am still not connected to every part of myself. What I mean by that is not a cooky physical thing- thankfully all my parts are where they should be. I am meaning the spirit and soul of us. It is easy for the physical to eke in and distract and reason us away from connecting to the spiritual parts of us that help make us who we could be best. The spirit within us is able to forge through hardships our physical us would break against. The soul of us drives us to do and be when the physical says it’s all over. The spirit in us keeps us increasing in beauty and wholeness though the physical has begun its decline. All the parts of us combine to make us who we are. Some parts get stuck with traumas. That one part is lost in that moment of anguish and always acts like that age. Unless we yell out the pain and grief to the Healer (who made us and who knows much more about us and what we are capable of than we do) and allow Him to restore us. Every precious soul He lovingly made, including me and including you, is made for a fantastic reason to do great things for our Creator and fellow human beings and care for His earth. We women have the amazing ability to incubate a life inside us that God creates there with His touch and design of our DNA. We give birth painfully (thanks so much, Eve) but amazingly and the bond we share with this beautiful created soul and body and spirit is strongly love. Our challenges we face make us stronger together. Our experiences bind us further. Nothing can grow us more wholly than the love of our Maker. Nothing can fulfill and heal and anchor us faster than the One who knows and yet love us best. No person can fill that healing role for long but God can forever. Messed up like I have a lot? God heals and restores. Sinned? God forgives. Hurt with a caved in heart and grief? God can hug your heart and comfort your soul, inside out. Feeling ugly and alone like we all do sometimes? God knows everything about where your beauty and meaning lies. He knows the areas of weakness and every area of incredible strength within you. He honors and blesses us with gifts He drops down from Heaven when we are paying attention. He puts the right people in our path at the right time with exactly the right touchor word for that moment you need it. God organizes your finances toprovid what you need when you need it. Sometimes He tests and tries you because no good Father gives His kids so much without expecting them to grow and checking on them. And God is a very very good Father.