Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

Life is a treasure in and of itself. Sometimes there are treasures within the treasure we discover as we walk along this life’s journey. We also find urchins and snakes sometimes, but we will leave the bad guys to another day’s talk. We want to focus on the good and blessed. We may find a treasure God placed in our lives, one so precious that you know God intentionally placed it there for you. And you pick it up and carry it with you and thank God for this amazing gift of treasure He gave. Then some punk bully comes and steals your treasure out from under your nose. You are shocked then angry then horrified then just sad because this treasure was everything to you. What else could you have done to protect your treasure from this evil one? Could you have taken better care of it or built a better home for it to stay? And you sit and mourn and temporarily, the journey halted for the moments of contemplation and mourning such deep, unexpected loss. And while mourning the loss of your forever treasure, you look up for a moment and see a glimmer in the sand. Rushing over, you realize God had not intended your forever treasure to be stolen by the evil bully and has given you an extra beautiful treasure to hold and enjoy. Maybe one day the forever treasure will be returned or find its way back home to you, but even if not, He has provided an additional forever treasure to enjoy and care for. Why? Because He is our Heavenly Father and loves us so incredibly much! God’s great love inspires His gifts of treasure for us to care for. And His treasures to us are worth loving and appreciating and protecting and caring for. They are perfect treasures from our perfect Father. I am so thankful for my treasures, even the one stolen from me and definitely the new one formed. Amazing gifts from an amazing God.

Precious Moments

Lately, I have laid to rest two very dear friends and my Daddy I love is fading fast. And it occurred to me just exactly how precious every single good thing is in reality. It is so very easy to see things as mundane and take them for granted and tomorrow they may not be here at all. Things happen just that fast sometimes. It is heartbreaking and devastating if you focus on the badness of all of that, the heaviness, the weight of it on your head and heart. However, one thing is I know I am so prayed for and that God has answered prayers of my loved ones still with me and has given me this perspective… be thankful for every moment, every second, every kiss, every touch, every dinner together, every cup of hot cocoa curled up in front of a movie together, every hand holding yours, every shared song, every time your band plays together, even for crappy practices, everything good. Value it. Cherish it. Take pictures. Be very thankful. Then, when bad things happen as they are bound to, we can have amazing memories and moments in time and prayers of appreciation for these things to lift us from the mire. And a life of appreciation brings about positive from an otherwise negative experience. Fortunately, my friends and soon my Daddy went to heaven and I will see them again and they are happy and whole and pain free right now. That is a positive. The positive, happy things HAVE to be the focus. Too much focus on the pain of loss or sadness or moments you will miss or regrets will destroy anyone. Appreciating the now moments, every single one, prevents regrets and keeps one positive and hopeful and in love with life. We have to do this to self preserve and to be amazing and strong people amidst hardship. Otherwise, what was the point? If we are destroyed with the first bad, how high can we hold our heads? How can we represent our Maker God that way? We are saying He is not enough for us. And He is. Really if all we had is ourselves and Him, we’re still good. Because He can make a whole other way, a new life, a new journey, a new journey partner. God can do anything He pleases, so let us thank Him for what treasures He gives us all the time and appreciate all this and we let His goodness, strength and creativity flow through us. Every moment. Pay attention to them. Love them. Live in them. 

On Sentimental People

Many of the greatest sentimental people/romantics come across as having hard exteriors to guard themselves. Some are shy, some are guarded, some are both. Sometimes the people who appear or come across as blatantly sentimental or feeling or romantic are pretenders, want attention, are shallow, are easily read by those whose empathy gift is natural and highly tuned. It is difficult to separate the way something feels with the logic of its explanation. How it feels is how it feels, despite the logical arguments. But feelings and logic must meet to live in real society where we have to work to get paid and have a roof over our heads as opposed to quitting for a while to help out a needy friend or do some volunteer work at a homeless shelter or help build a house with Habitat for Humanity. There is a balance with every type of person in life. But some dear people naturally gravitate to the feeling, sensitive side of life. These amazing ones have a true gift. It is the gift to see beyond, they see or rather feel the inside of so done through their eyes, through their skin, past their facades. They instantly (if they have honed their skills) whether someone is trustworthy, whether or not the situation is shady, whether or not someone is truly hurting or faking it for attention, what that person or situation needs to feel better. And then they help. If they are too shy, they regret not helping but when their soul and heart are stirred, there is nothing they won’t do to make things better, helping any way possible, share love. These people are the true and invaluable treasures of society. They are the hands and arms and helpers of God to the world. I respect these beautiful people and their gift. Truly they give flavor and grace to any society. One cannot help but be in awe of that ability to feel what most cannot, read a person’s hidden soul, discover a method of care and do it. How much more like Jesus Christ can you be? I find many of these individuals gravitating towards music because of its emotional power and feeling drive and my musician friends are the dearest in the world to me. I try to emulate them and be still enough as many are to observe more but am reminded often that we all have our different gifts and callings. I am content to quietly learn from these giants of love and try to listen more than speak. Being around them helps me love better. Being loved by them keeps me humble and encouraged and special. These meek souls are the most powerful on earth because of their closeness to emanating Christ and I can see why God has a blessing on them. Often overlooked or abused or taken for granted or unappreciated or used, where people are concerned, they should be the respected leaders, the revered counsellors, the go to sages of heart knowledge. They, in a perfect world, would receive places of honor for their abilities and in God’s kingdom they will. So, I wish to be more meek, more empathetic, more loving, more giving, more helpful, more in tune with people’s pain like these treasured souls. This is my new prayer.

Little Treasures

I wrote a song called “God Drops Down Diamonds” a while back during a very difficult time. It was a dark dramatic young woman moment for me and God popped the idea into my head that He drops down little diamonds all the time, all day long to me and it was a matter of focusing on these radiant gifts and blessings rather than the darkness surrounding them. It got me out of a dark spot and turned my focus and heart on focusing properly in the correct perspective. I was very thankful for that revelation from God. And how we see the world, where our focus is, determines how our lives will go. How we look at life affects how life “treats” us. Two identical sets of circumstances, for instance a 75 degree day with partly cloudy skies, and one person will say how perfect the weather is today and one person will complain about those clouds. We choose what to focus on. We choose whether to be a happy person, appreciating the little blessings that are all around us, or be miserable for ourselves and for others. It may take some practice if the habit isn’t in place already, but practicing looking for blessings is a fun work and will properly and purely occupy your mind. It goes along with our Biblical mandate to think about things that are good and pure and praiseworthy and also to appreciate God and the beautiful life He gave us. 🙂