Our old band. Those were the days. I love our new band but just wanted to reminisce about the old band. Ahhh. Miss it. The new is great but every band family has its own flavor. Homage to Smooth Sentiment Band.❤😚🎤🎹🀄🎸

And here is the new:

Getting Old in Style

So, I am getting old now because reading up close is getting blurry. What a pain. So, I send my son to get me a new pair of sunglasses and he brings me these cool shades that have bifocals built in. And I am grateful because now I am a cool old person who can read in the sun or keep score for my kids’ baseball games in sun. And old can still look good. Lol 😄 Thank God for little conveniences!! ❤

Our Smooth Sentiment Band Family

Well, here we are, the Smooth Sentiment Band. We are a musical family, crippled in that we lost a good drummer brother gained another drumming brother that I have yet to get a pic of (welcome aboard, Troy). So here we are, in love with music and adoring the fun we provide to lift spirits from current events and bring back their remembrances of good, clean oldies rock and roll music. We are practicing up and are about to embark together on yet another season of making people happy. 😄 ❤  

Smooth Sentiment Band with Arthur Attard & Steve LaLonde & Ken Burnup & Wil Sepulveda & Troy Cagglione (nearly in the picture) & Tonya LaLonde