Sobering Thought

Today my second cousin passed away. She was a mom of two, husband of one and was only 51 years old. She had beat breast cancer and had been in remission for 7 plus years. All of a sudden, she got sick and it was all over her body and in two weeks she was gone. She was absolutely beautiful with a happy, cheerful disposition. I had hoped to see her again but will have to wait a bit now. It is sobering when someone close to you and close to your age dies. It is not the first time. We are never promised tomorrow, some hypothetical construct. We have today. We must make the most of it with that eternal perspective. We need to be ready and close to Jesus. There is no fear close to Him and no insecurity either. Stay close to God and kiss and love your loved ones as often as possible. Live today. Love today.❤

Today, Ready, Go

Today is a beautiful day. You are ready for it. You have thanked God for the day, for life, for eternal security through Jesus. Now feet to floor, you are ready to serve. Staying humble is your greatest proof of strength as always but remembering that your Heavenly Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the wealth in every mine keeps things real and dispels worry. Faith in God keeps things real as you trust He will take care of you as He promised. And because God is good and loves you, you are ready to go today on a great day. God bless you!😄❤

Today is Your Only Concern

Do not worry about tomorrow. Ever. Tomorrow never arrives. It is always today. Live as if today is all you have to think about. Get through today. Know that a forever is coming soon so when you are living today, live as if it is all you ever have to be concerned with and knowing that we are eternally responsible for the choices we make and things we do today. Today is your responsibility. No worries, just do today. Do it well and based on eternity with God. And then anything is manageable. Today in light of pleasing God is your only concern.❤

A Beautiful Day to Value

Today is a beautiful day to value. It is brand new and fresh. This day is a new beginning, a refreshing new opportunity to be a better child of God, grow in love and peace and joy and all the fruits of the Spirit. Today is very valuable for it is a fresh chance to spend the day with Jesus. I can pray all day, read my Bible and grow closer to my Lord and Savior. Today is a truly beautiful day to value.❤

The Value of Today

As I look around and see people much more on their tech devices than interacting, I have to wonder what the draw is to these tiny addictors? Does being on Facebook or Twitter make you a better person? Does it accomplish anything at all? Does it have eternal value? No, but today does. And it is here waiting for you. And it may be wasted on tech enterprises and become eternally damning because it wasted the value of today. Just a thought.