On Borrowed Time

Every moment of life, we are on borrowed time. The moment is not ours to spend as we wish for our glory or even someone else’s glory. The moments we are given are for God, who is ironically not bound by time, but that is another matter. Our moments are a gift for God, meant to being Him glory and draw us closer to Him. And this beautiful treasure of time is sacred to Him. Being my primary love language, I get the time thing. We need to make the most of our time and pack as much love and worship into each moment we can. And this honors God and brings out God’s glory and love through us. Wow.❤❤❤


Deep Time

When we operate with eternal vision and perspective, time ceases its flippancy. It values time simultaneously as a great non-issue (as the condition and choices of the spiritual heart matter more than time with passes or conditions and environments surrounding them) and as invaluable in that all these choices need to be made in the short duration of grace while we are living in the physical realm. It is simple to make these choices in the light of eternal choice of destination but gets much more complicated with the myriads of distractions and temptations. See, our enemy knows the simplicity of salvation and that God wins and has won. So our enemy creates distraction to lure us out of protection to join him in his eternal damnation. Of course, he lies about that too and promises so many beautiful things he cannot supply and has no intention of if he could.

So remember the deep time and keep am eternal perspective and tell the distractions to go to hell without you and run from them. Remain secure in the love of God and salvation through Jesus Christ. Nothing else matters much. ❤

Busy Season

From January to May is our busy season. We have baseball, homeschooling, PE, cleaning my mom’s house, church twice a week, chirch and our band practices, band gigs- a lot of them, caring for the dog for these months of heartworm treatments, quilting, patio remodeling to install windows, car trouble we are fixing, playdates, care for my kids, household care, birthdays of friends, etc. Busy season.

I have friends and acquaintances say they are too busy to pray and read their Bibles. And I can say that is a blatant lie. I am busier than any of them and I make the time to pray all through the day and read my Bible, blog to share and encourage, etc. You have time for what you want to do. Granted, I gave up all social media and movie watching and any other distracions to make time, but that is because God is my priority. You always have time for what you want to make time for. Always. Decide God comes first and you secure your eternal future and achieve peace and joy amidst love to help you now. Life without God is a rut and eternally meaningless and depressing bit with God there is strength and help and eternal security and meaning and blessings.❤

My Daughter and I

She and I rarely have quality craft time together. We draw and color but we both love getting crafty and serious imagination – stretching takes serious time. Today we got it. It was just us two all day. We hit the park, hit the craft store, grabbed lunch and got home to craft. We set up, started, rewatched the great ideas we found on youtube, continued, and waited for paint to dry. Fabulous day!!!

A full day with your child doing what they love is an investment in them. Think about it. Why does God tell us to pray continually? Because He wants to show us love, spend time with us, heal us, strengthen us, develop us, etc. He is our example of a perfect Father, a perfect parent. So thankful for today!😄❤

Eternity Time Perspective

It takes some people a lifetime to forgive themselves, much less other people. In stark contrast, it takes Jesus one second to forgive us when we humbly ask Him to. Us forever, Jesus one second. And even better than that, Jesus forgets it entirely. How cool is that?!?!❤

Time Challenge

I am challenging you to honestly write down everything you do today and how much time you took doing it. It is a great exercise in learning truth of yourself and what your priorities really are versus what you say they are. I did this when I was still on social media and it shocked me how much time I was on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like 7 hours a day or some ridiculous amount. I realized I was worshipping social media and wasting time God gave me and dropped it like the bad habit it was. I have been social media free for a year now and my life is prioritized better, still working on it. But I challenge you to. It may be something else, but you have to honestly start somewhere when on a quest for truth, which we all should be and deep down are. Most people who don’t care to learn the truth are afraid they will have to do something uncomfortable when they find out. Don’t be cowardly like that. God gave you a “Spirit of power and love and sound mind”. And I submit to you that you are really worshipping what you spend the most time doing in that day. And if you do this exercise, truth will flow and you will take giant leaps toward deeper relationship with Jesus and God as you include Him more in your day.❤

Finally, I Can Cook

Being a good, inventive cook, we have been so busy every day with baseball that I have missed cooking. Sure, I put together spaghetti or chicken and yellow rice and mac and cheese, but I have not had time to invent. So today I am working with what I have. And it will either be great or fantastic but it will involve corned beef, little noodles, onion, garlic, cheese and worshteshire sauce. Stay tuned for results… lol. In thr meanwhile, thank you, God, for a little time today and invent something as soon as you can. ❤