Reflections on Daylight Savings Time

My first knowledge of Daylight Savings Time is my Daddy- the Christian Marine Farmer- saying how dtupid it was. I agree entirely, was probably someone trying to feel powerful and change time. I particularly hated it with young babies- just get their cycles down and here is another disruption for a good month or so. So, fast forward at least half a lifetime and here we go again. I hope it was worth it for someone. Lol. Yippee.

However, God is still in control and still is above time, and that is the Good News in all this. So I say, Praise God!!😃❤️

Where Are Your Feet Now?

I had to get over things not going the way I had planned it in my head and even heart. Here is the thing: I have my way and God has His way and He knows infinitely more than I do.

So, my husband’s quote is “But where are your feet now?” Meaning, you had all these plans, but we are here right now somehow. Stop blaming so and so for screwing it up. Where are your feet now?

Do what you can where you are. Accept that God wants you to be here now for a reason and loves you. Then accept again and forgive again and do what you can where you are. Maybe the other lights burned out in your area and you are it. You are the only light of truth and love and hope where you are. Maybe you are growing to be a better light. Maybe you rebelled and turned around to start again.

No matter, you are here now and you must be here now. Stop wasting time. It is very valuable now, more than ever.😄❤

Time Takes Longer Than You Think

We plan, plans change.

We have goals and the goals can be frustrated and prolonged.

We want to get more done and time slips away from us.

Why is time so elusive, why are our plans often moved and changed, why is time so user-friendly so often?

I believe all issues of the like are due to this one truth… God is more concerned with our heart than our time-table. He wins. God wants a relationship with us and will develop that at the risk of our schedule. He loves us too much and knows too much about us to worry with time when sometimes the heart is needing something else. He will do what is best for us long term. That is infinitely more important eternally for us. God is always concerned about human souls. And for one, I will be inconvenienced anytime to learn whatever lesson God has for me because He knows the most and loves me best. I am honored.😄❤

Finished Reading a Book!

Thanks be to God! I actually was able to squeeze in reading an entire book!! That was alongside teaching and working and the band and family needs and wants and reading my Bible and birthdays and so on! An entire book! I am so thankful to God who has taught me to use every moment for the best and provided more usable time for me than I thought possible. Praise God!😄❤📚