Freeing Life Truth

Once we realize that life is not about us in isolation, it frees us to serve God and worship freely. It is liberating. To know we are not the most important thing in the universe is quite relieving and absolutely exhilerating. To consider God and dwell on Him and the glory of Jesus and powerful comfort and counsel of the Holy Spirit, what joy that is! What a beautiful use of time and attention are thoughts of God. And eternal, spiritual thinking lifts you from the mundane and often yucky physical world. Praise God He is higher than me!!❤

Just When I Thought It Was Over

Just when I thought it was over, it wasn’t.

Just when I thought it was gone, it came back.

Just when I thought it had ended, it began.

Just when I thought it was finished, it rejeuvenates.

Perhaps the problem is thinking

So many things all of the time

Perhaps I just have to ride it out

And see where it is that God guides.

God knows every thought and each whisper.

He knows how it began and will end.

There is no use second guessing the Master,

For it will be as He says in the end.❤

No Puppets Allowed

Think for yourself. For God’s sake and your own, read u our Bible (truth), pray and think for yourself. No Puppets here. God gives free will, free choice, free minds, freedom from oppression. Freedom is Christianity for we are made by God who rules everything and as such we are free to t h ink for ourselves. We are free to put the tech down. We are free to leave the couch. We are free to serve and help others. We are free to use the gifts and talents God gave us in life and to worship. We have freedom from all oppression and God expects, no requires us to think for ourselves. It is imperitive we do so.❤

Thinking the Day

The day ahead, what will it be?

Extension of the bad that be?

Trial and test and toil and grind?

The remnants of difficulty left behind?

Or will I choose a brighter day?

A day of happiness and play?

Where I decide the temperature

And Tests are lessons yet to learn

And peace from God remains throughout

And what a day to think about!

So when I get out of this bed

The day is mine, God rules my mind! ❤❤❤

Late Night Thoughts

Recently, I have been struggling with my over-thinking at night. Night is when I am alone in my apartment, it is dark, I am lonesome and my thoughts wander a lot, sometimes in deep thought of spiritual matters, sometimes in physical and shallow matters like wishing I was not lonesome, sometimes in thoughts of people who once walked with me in the journey and hoping they are ok and praying for them. I have very recently decided to try to harness these thoughts and tame them, trying to take them captive for Jesus and give them over to Him for sorting and guiding. It is and new mental exercise, so to speak. I do not wish to allow my over-thinking to be used by the enemy and turned into a stumbling block, so I see wisdom in it. And God is increasingly my focus, His Word, prayer with Him, just worshiping and praising Him. It is a great new focal point on my journey through life. Love you! ❤