Socialization and America aka For Kids’ Sake

I have good kids. They are human and still kids, so of course they are not anywhere near perfect but we are working on getting them as close as we can by the time they are doing life as adults. Being homeschooled, people ask me the question of whether the kids can handle social situations. And one clear difference is certainly there. My kids make friends easily, but when they are asked to do something wrong or questionable, they will say no most of the time now and get picked on or bullied for it. I don’t see this as antisocial behavior they are being harassed for but rather anti-socialized behavior, aka having a mind of their own and obeying what they were taught. If this is termed as “antisocial behavior”, than I am quite pleased at it and am proud that I am “antisocial” as well. Nothing worse than millions of Americans being puppets on a string with no voice of their own. Are we communists? No, we are Americans, the people who bucked the “social nor s” of society in favor of freedom of thought and expression and vote. I am not digging being slammed down for teaching g my kids the right way to live and respond to terrorism (bullies). And we as Americans must continue to voice what is right, even if it against the “social norms”. Right is right and as long as we aren’t making up our own right that serves ourselves (as many of those we have elected are electing to do) and our right is based on truth (the Bible), we must stand for that right. The effective way to deal with bullies of all shapes and sizes and scopes of power is by standing up to them. This country that I love has not stood against these injustices, the I justice of being bullied, the injustice of abortion, the injustice of abuse of any kind, the injustice of being harassed for being followers of the Creator God through Jesus Christ. We should not cower and put up with and cow tow before these villains. We have done so misguidedly thinking it is the Christian way. It is not. Yes, we love, Yes, we exhibit joy and peace and freedom. But we do not let someone remove our rights to inflict their demands upon us in stark co trash to our beliefs. We go then from being a light set on a hill to all the world to being willingly snuffed out because we don’t want to offend or stand or be inconvenienced or do something. Antisocial is okay if social is against the truths we live by. Those who imply it is not okay have their own agenda or guilt they are dealing with and are terrorists/bullies on some level. That is just my thought. Radical, I know.