Tensions High & Humble Pie

Back to my humble I run. Tensions around here are high with my husband’s tv on the fritz. I am listening to music to pass time before bed and he is annoyed and passive aggressively hates every son I pick. I have to like all his weird songs that are rock songs with jazz timing that never settle well, but my songs are all garbage, not to be tolerated. And this is the tense life and I am fasting tomorrow (prayers to follow on another post).

So, I take a deep breath in ad hold it for a second or two and let it out in a controlled fashion and step off my reared up pride once again. It is not my concern that he keeps his pride up. No, my business is in myself being humble before the Lord and as an extention, being humble before him. I turn the music off, pray and read my Bible.

Is this a cop out, a “crutch”? I don’t care about that except to disdain the pride teeming in that question. I only care that I need to correct me and my pride to soften the room. So I do. And all is well.

We are too quick to proudly defend our honor when humble forgiveness and grace serve everyone much better.😄❤

Summer Brings Hot Tempers

So, we have a bit of tension in our home right now (please pray for us). I am attributing it to the heat, boredom, close quarters and raging hormones. So, I will be praying hard this summer. I am hoping that as we find other things to do, we start getting along better. Just difficult right now but this too shall pass. God is good and He is in charge of our house. We just have to keep remembering that and keep praying and all will be good. ❤