Avoiding Sexual Temptation

Temptation is the only thing I can see in the Bible where we are instructed to run from it. Against giants, we run toward and face, when lied against, we stand on truth from the Bible, with injustice we stand oue ground, when hit we turn the other cheek but still stand. I heard a great teacher of the Bible David Jeremiah say this and it is true. Joseph ran from his boss’ wife’s sexual advances. Sexual temptation us everywhere we allow our natural sex drive to inflate and wander. It has gone from seething and hiding under every rock and dark place to openly flaunted on the internet and in wide open spaces. Kids can wander into it if safeguards are not in place. It can sneak in around even those if we are neglectful. To avoid it, we must decide to run from it. Put the safeguards on everyone’s tech and not just the kids’. If it keeps happening, throw the tech out. Better to be without tech than for tech to rule you and drag you to hell. Get deeper into God’s Word and prayer and He gives strength to run from it. It is a natural impulse Satan uses to imprison people and destroy lives. Just simply run from it and draw near to God. It is just that simple. You have to want to do good more than bad. Choose it and pray and get help and support if you need but keep running from it. Want good more than evil. God will reward and bless your efforts in doing the right thing.❤

Fork in the Road, Choose Right

Wondering why so many Christ followers that I know personally or know of somehow are stuck in the world rather than aliens in this world we are just passing through, it dawned on me that people just don’t want to do the whole Christ follower thing. Their pride is swollen with all this alluring self thought and self service. They want to do evil. They want the pleasures of this world. It holds radiance and value to them. Also, we are pretty lazy and spoiled, nowadays. I will say it. We’ve grown into a society of politically correct and whiney babies. Some are whining now or offended because I just said that. Some will huff and puff and say who am I to judge? I am a concerned Christ follower… concerned that Jesus is coming back and we collectively need to clean house for Him.

What the tempting world neglects to inform you of or is ignorant of is that those pleasures available to you are very temporary and distract you from the real story. The real story is that this life, our 80 plus years on this earth could actually end tomorrow. And even if we amazingly live our full 80+ years or more, that is it and there will be a forever after. That moment is why there is great importance in the choices we make right now. We have to pick a side because there is a war going on for our souls, whether you choose to believe it or not, whether you think it is idiotic or wise, it is what it is. We have to make choices today that dictate our forever after destination.