Thrust into Temptation AKA Morality Pushups

I have recently been thrust into temptation. After being very close to the Lord, and I still am, I was hit by a barrage of attacks on my moral character. And I did not fall for it. But this is how the enemy works, friends, and I am thankful because it means I am doing well. The enemy does not attack to this extent someone he owns. So I am happy to have been through a rough spot and am still strong, even stronger for putting my trust in God for help and strength. And I can attest that when you go through the fire, pull up your trust in God and thus do some morality pushups and humble your spirit and you will come out ahead. Praise God!❤❤❤

Little Bird

Little bird in the tree, are you looking at me?

Or are you finding a path to fly by?

Should you take off in flight or jump from branch high

And come to the ground for some feed?

Little bird, way up high in the branch, wonder why

There is never a worm in the air?

You have to fly down to the dangerous ground 

To eat that plump worm that is there.

Little bird, it is tempting to swoop down to eat some worm soup

But trouble is there from the cat on the stair. And it is smarter to be thin and up there.❤

Temptation/The Bear

Temptation is like a bear. It comes and goes as it wills, generally driven by hunger or sometimes curiosity or fear. Bears come into your house and you can’t politely say no. Well, you could but it would not move. You have three choices: 1. Let it have whatever it wants, 2. Run and way (or try to after distracting it) or 3. Yell and make lots of noise with great authority until it decides you are not giving in and it is not worth the effort. Then if temptation/the bear leaves, it will always come back to test and see if it is safe to satisfy it’s hunger now. Some people keep chasing it away one day and feed it the next. This is double minded. Some people just let it take whatever it wants. These people are weak minded, gluttonous (for whatever the temptation is) or lazy. Some people try to throw some food at it and run away. These people are confused and want to feel like they did good but deceive themselves. Some people chase the bear off each time loudly with the authority of God and these are victors. That bear eventually stops coming back. Of course a different bear will try to come but the process can be repeated. Be a victor. To be one, know the bear is there, what the bear looks like and that you have the authority to yell (out loud) it away in Jesus’ name. Be victorious. Do not let bears rule your life. They always take and never give back. You are stronger than any bear/temptation with the power of Jesus Christ/God. His power is accessible to you when you ask. Bye bye bear!!! God and you got this!!

The Spider and the Fly

I just read this book to my daughter, who is 4 1/2. She saw it coming… “Why did the fly go into the spider’s parlor? She knew he was bad.” She asked the questions. I thought about that for a while. Why do we risk the danger for the flattery or hope of flattery? Why take the chance that the fly took just to tempt fate and meet the same demise the fly did by the deceptive flatterer, the spider. We have many flatterers daring us to tempt fate also. Some are honestly only semi-nice. Most are wonderful, soupy nice until they get their way. It is this way with temptation, with lust, with gambling, with pretty much every aspect of our lives. We are lured and tested and we play with it. We toy with the idea, entertain it too long. We come willingly into the spider’s parlor and are then surprised when bad things happen. Don’t get me wrong, bad things happen to everyone, not just those toying with badness, but there are negative consequences to negative behavior- either now or later. And we must always exercise caution in our choices and not fall for flattery or vain promises. My answer to my daughter’s questions was “Pride.” As I explained, she seemed to get it. “Pride goes before a fall.” When we are proud, we want to be stroked, be attended to, be taken care of, we feel deserving. And while we all have specialness and special God given talents and pursuits, we are still prone to badness and cannot handle that alone. We still all need a Savior, and thank God we have One for the asking. And maybe with His help and our willful decision, our pride won’t draw us into the spider’s parlor.

The Jellyfish Warning

A jellyfish is very interesting. It is mysterious and compelling. Much time around one and you can become quite comfortable with the “safe” top bubble of the jellyfish. You can become lulled into thinking you can play with fire, so to speak, and not get burned. You can start thinking you are smart and clever and beyond danger because of your familiarity and comfort with the dangerous creature. And all of a sudden, this familiar animal turns all of a sudden and stings you in a vulnerable moment of false security. This jellyfish warning is presented to remind you of how sin works and how the enemy lures us into a gals sense of security and when a time is right, drops the bottom out from under you. When we see the jellyfish, we have to have a plan in place beforehand. We have to have decided that jellyfish are dangerous and though tantalizing, are off limits and to be avoided to save our lives. Likewise, when we see sin ahead, we have to revert to our steadfast plan already in place that says, no turn away and go another path for this is blocked by a danger to my eternal soul. We must be purposeful and active and fight by determinedly standing on God’s Truth and deciding my need to please Him is stronger than my need to be pleased. It is that simple. We must make sin a black and white thing again in our minds and churches to survive this sexualized, sinful, self serving culture we are living in. We must shine like lights in this dark world. How else can we but to be as pure white as we can in contrast. It is on decision at a time and once we make it, we have the power of the Holy Spirit to keep us on task. Such an amazing gift!