Attacked Online

In a technology world, we get lovely sickos who use that technology to attack people in the privacy and cover of their own homes in complete safety and security. They live for preying on people. Of course if you do not use technology, you are protected but probably less able to function as time goes on. And many people have had identity isses and scammers or hackers or credit card thieves attack them or try something somehow. And that is horrible. Thieves have a curse on them. It is very terrible to take away what someone has worked hard for. But there are other types of wrongs done online on social media networks all the time. It is the glorification of ourselves and degrading other people. This is also stealing, stealing someone’s right to be as much of a child of God as you are. Not o E person, regardless of status, is any more important than any other person in existence. Every one of us makes mistakes, but every one of us is just as able to bow humbly before God and approach His throne directly in prayer. Every single person. When we use our words carelessly, we are in grave danger of Speaking against God and His creation. He pours a little of His likeness into each of us. We are all valuable. And when one of us is wrong, better to pray for God to help them ease back to the fold rather than attack them and create the potential of adding weight to their sin and matching that with your own. Just something to think about. 

Tech versus Think

Too much technology is literally mind numbing. We as a society have opted to be entertained and minds manipulated rather than think for ourselves in our free time. People are staring at screens rather than studying or speaking with each other. People can relate more to a fantasy than reality. Then they are surprised when people take this narcissistic, fantastic behavior to a new level and harm another person. It is a trend. No one looks around, knows their neighbors, goes to church, helps out a friend on moving day, etc. They are “busy” entertaining themselves. Unless it serves them, they won’t serve. And this mind shattering illness is rampant. I find lately that I want to run away to a tech-free zone and communicate with someone, play music, sing around a fire, roast marshmallows, play board games, paint, paint, paint. I want to know my neighbors and help them paint their fence. I want to have coffee on all the time for those who happen to stop by. I want to look people in the eyes and find out what makes them want to breathe. I want to live with the compassion and passion about life that I feel. I do not want to be entertained, but I want to learn and create and express with another soul. I do not want tech to think for me, I want to think for myself. I do not want media to bend me, I want to be worth reporting on. I want to thrive, not simply live. I want to be at peace and joy with God and not get lost in the cares of the day. I want to make life something to be felt and experienced and not inputted onto a screen. I want rolls and smells and not airbrushed sterile 2-D Pics and movies. I want real, I want bad notes, blemishes, dirt, imperfection, facial expressions. I am tired of touched up, fake, enhanced, perfected, synchronized. I am tired of staring at lit up boxes. I want to create sculptures and art and piano pieces that make people feel something. I want people to feel something, care about something, think something is special. Anything. I want people to think.

Results of a “No Technology Day” Experiment

So, as promised, my children and I did a “No Technology Day”. To clarify, we did a no electronics day, where none of us got on the computer or cell phone (except for brief calls as needed) or androids or television/movies/games. And let me tell you how it went. My children at first grumbled and whined like women kept from chocolate too long, but as we planned, engineered and built an elaborate marble track and played games and read books, there was no grumbling or whining at all in the house. In addition, I noticed with the extra time spent hanging out and extra attention we all seemed to give and get from each other, I heard no grumbling or unnecessary acting out or crying or misbehaving. In fact, I noticed my children much more stable, secure, happy, content. Additionally, there was no complaining at supper and everyone happily ate what was put in front of them, which was not normally something they did with this particular dish without some level of displeasure sharing. So, in response to yesterday’s blog on self esteem, I believe no electronics or at least much much less time with electronics in the home build stable, secure children and parents. I believe if we give our children our undivided attention and conversation and encouragement for notable parts of the day, we would see much more normalcy and much less narcissism and insecurity we are seeing so much of now. I noticed within myself a change also and when I was not visiting Facebook or checking emails or playing games on my Kindle, I was much more calm and fun and peaceful and had more energy and focus on my kids and then my husband when he was home from work. This successful experiment will be repeated, and I will definitely limit or prohibit the use of electronics during school time. I believe God was smiling on us today, and I would really like to make that an everyday occurrence.

Technology vs Accessiblility

When it works correctly, technology is a wonderful thing that connects people over long distances and allows communication in an age when people no longer enjoy phone communication or have patience enough for the delight of letter writing. We are an age of knowledge and teeny tiny things that can do so much! I wish I had taken stock in batteries before it all began, but hindsight is best. But then there is the other side of technology. The side where people and businesses become so dependent on it that if it fails (and we can all attest to it failing at some point or many points), it creates serious problems and handicaps, if not closing the business down for a while. Personally, technology can hinder our social lives and witness. Of course I am using it now to talk to you and much good can come of our ability to reach people with the Good News that we couldn’t otherwise reach. There is enormous good in that. However, for those of us communicating mostly on our devices and minimally live, we lose that special something g that makes people feel special. No amount of timing can communicate what a smile and a hug can. No matter how much or how detailed we write or talk, we still miss out on the unspoken words, the body language that often tells the real story, the eye contact that affirms you have had the privilege of being acknowledged by another person. We must never underestimate the power of a good talk over coffee or tea and live to communicate God’s love live. Let’s not be so busy that we can’t put our devices down and love on each other. Let us not grow so dependent on them that we shut down live. Our powerful witness and testimony will be lost for the lack of personal relationships if we stop being accessible.