Parental Mis-Perceptions

Hello. I am Coach Tonya now for our homeschool PE class. I coach 2nd and 3rd graders. They needed coaches and I had done it before, two years ago and loved it so volunteered. And I have already witnessed several mis-perceptions of parents. One was my own. I thought my daughter would not do well in sports because she prefers dolls and pretty pink things, and I was quite wrong. She is great and having and great time! Happy to be wrong. Another happened today when a parent dropped off the child and declared to the class that he was “shy”, to which he responded by acting shy (synonym of “fearful” to me in this context). The minute she was gone, I proceed treating him as if he was a bold leader (I am that way lol), and he was a great leader of the class and excelled and was outgoing. You see, people, and children much more quickly and easily, will rise to the level of the expectations of the leader/coach/parent. They will also fall to them. So always expect and declare good, positive things of your children or students. They will rise to them. Don’t carry your own limitations to them with your negative words or expectations. They are trying to learn and please and you must present positive values and expectations and words for them to aspire to. And they will. It is beautiful and exactly the way God wants and designed it to be. ❤

Tickling the Ivories

Today I taught a person how to make and use chords on the piano. Having played a long time and taught a long time, it is only natural to be able to help those who really need help. But I have taken it to heart that when teaching anything you are gifted at and passionate about, you have to also trickle down a little passion for your craft. There is a responsibility on the teacher to teach the love as well as the lesson. Music and art and nature loving are all one breath to my lungs and if just one person appreciates those because of my training, I feel everything is worth this. They recorded my gifts from God and are meant to be shared but so much more the spark in my eyes, also from God. There is no other explanation. God moves in such beautiful ways and helping others appreciate that is such a great feeling.

On the Return of School at Home

We Homeschool our children, which is very big and well supported where I live. And a teacher’s kid asked me accusingly why I Homeschool, implying that something dreadful must be wrong with my kids or something. Lol It is simple. I want my kids to have a great, well rounded education and not be worried about bullies or persecution for their faith or learning things that have nothing to do with school or testing and stressing about testing all the time. If the school system has failed to even teach basic math for heaven’s sake, much less anything else, and seems more politically agenda driven rather than education driven, time for everyone to withdraw their kids and force reform. But I digress. Simply, my kids need an education and home seems the place nowadays they are most likely to get one. So, we are getting ready for school, as is everyone else. And I feel very good about this school year. We are simplifying and leaving room for serving people in our week. We are going to help serve the elderly, clean up littered areas, help trim bushes or mow lawns of people who can’t and that is a healthy part of education. Also, for home economics, my son will pick one entree to make for the family once a week and will have to make a grocery list of what we need, budget the money to get it, buy it from the store and cook it. Part of teaching our kids is teaching us parents out of a job. They need to know how to live on their own. I think 11 is a good age to get that thinking started. And of course all the other school studies we normally do with Kathleen officially in school now. And my husband retires in a couple months so we can do more field trips and vacations to supplement. So this should be fun and keep us busy. I am so excited.Looking forward to a wonderful school year.

Teaching Adults Service

When teaching adults or teens and up for that matter, all you can provide is a Biblical truth in proper context at the right time to plant a seed or provide a way go do the right thing. That is it. You then have to give up the reins to God and let the Holy Spirit work from there. You see, there is free will that decides within a person whether to hear you or not or whether to obey and be humble or be selfish and go a different way. You can not push a rope or make a person do what they they decide not to do. They have to decide for themselves. When they decide to obey and serve, it is very sweet. When they don’t it is equally hideous and unnerving. One thing you do have co from over is yourself. We have that same free will and can choose to be an excellent example for whomever we wish to teach something to. People are much more likely to hear you if they are familiar to you already and if they respect you. Then you pray and let it go. That is it. That is all we can do.