School Preparation

I am a teacher, most of you know. I homeschool our 2 kids. I am also a doctor, mostly retired now, doing private consulting work also. And my teaching experience last year was the first time I had two different grades, officially, and now that it is 1st grade and 5th/6th grade, my greatest preparation is not.booms and supplies, I have those, but it is quite different. During school, I am a servant of God, of my children and their knowledge and growth, still of my husband. There is none of serving me to be had there, no room for it, no need for it. So my preparation is in finishing our story quilt, in decluttering my mind, in preparing my heart and soul for service, in growing spiritually and maintaining my relationship with God who strengthens me. And we will go full steam ahead, in deep worship of obedience to the Lord and humbling of my heart. And that, my friends, is incredibly beautiful!!!! Bring it on! ❤❤❤

Successes of a Failure

When you pour yourself into someone or something like a business or a relationship or project or love, you naturally expect success, you expect to make a difference, impact lives, help, be profitable, be loved, be appreciated, and you are always so at some point. But sometimes failure happens. It happened in my marriage, in my business, in relationships, in many ways. Failure has happened to me often in my life. And yet I am not a failure. Why? Because each and every failure is a success IF it teaches you something and grows you. Faith is shaken when you let one failure be the end of your trying. However, faith grows when you realize you can put the effort out but God dire ts the results for our good. Does He want us to fail? Here is the tricky part… Sometimes He does. Does that mean He loves us less? No, He love us more. How can that be? God thinks in eternal big picture for everyone’s a d especially His good. He uses details to accomplish the big picture. Had you not learned to be humble from this failure, you would never later be successful in this other more important area. If you had not been betrayed and thus learned that God is the only One we should trust, we may have trusted this other business person later who was trying to destroy the company. If you had’t failed because you were impatient in this scenario you would’t understand the value of patience and might jump headfirst into unsavory arrangements. We fail to be taught things for our good. If you live in the failure you do not learn the lesson and will be crippled by it. If you search out the lesson then you are much smarter for it and more capable. People learn surprisingly little from success but failure is an excellent teacher.

The Brilliant Teacher Called Failure

When things don’t happen the way they are supposed to, many people consider that a failure. Maybe it is on some level. One movie said “Failure can teach you what winning can not… that you don’t want to fail.” Maybe there is some validity to that. I saw a quote elsewhere that said failure teaches grace. Sometimes. I think the biggest lesson that the genius failure teaches is the most important lesson of all. Humble mortality. I have lived on my own and supported myself financially since I was 17 years of age, way too early, I grant you that. But that, mixed with little direction and less support, produced within me a succinct ability to fail at some things. It is very hard to do everything yourself and keep up with it all. Now failing was my best friend because I had a tendency to believe that I was indestructable, unable to be harmed, strong. Where I was strong and became much stronger, if I had not have my friend failure in my life, I would have still believed my ego’s song of my own greatness in surviving the game of life. Failure humbled me. It gave me an enourmous sense of mortality and allowed me to realize that maybe it wasn’t me doing all this, gave me the gift of appreciation to and of God who I know beyond all shadow of doubt was always protecting and blessing me. And sometimes I gave His guardian angel who looks after me (Lord bless this superior angel) a real run for his money. And without failure, I would not have learned empathy in the degree I have, for it was not a natural gift. It was a vague word other people used and I thought it denoted weakness. How little I knew and how much I learned from failing, that people hurt because of their own choices (usually) or at the hand of another and it is an amazingly enormous strength who can feel that with them and lift them up by it. Amazing. I digress. It was failure in relationships that got me to see what I needed in one, what I needed to be. Yeah, screwed that up a lot too, but being humble in a relationship is half the battle and failure gave me that resource. I am very grateful. God used life circumstances, good and bad, to teach me how to do this life thing. I am no genius and still am a work in progress but I am very grateful for God bringing me this far. And I am more grateful for the failures than the accomplishments. I couldn’t say that at the time, but I can speak to anyone in any circumstance and I have been there- lowest rung to highest highs and everywhere between. I can relate and so I can help, my favorite thing of all. So don’t be afraid to fail. Be more afraid when everything is going to well and you get feeling a little cocky. Then, my friend, your failure lesson will not be too close behind. Embrace it. The faster you remember God got you where you are, the faster the lesson will be over. Just a little tip there. Love you!