Metapausal Mahem & Me

Herein lies my symptoms for the benefit of the men reading to better understand the plight of the “change” and for younger women to know what they might look forward to and those women with me in it to not feel alone. And they include a delightful rendition of soft crazy, as I call it lovingly. There is underneath the sometimes (where it used to be most of the time) calm exterior a confusing array of roller coaster emotions: crying one minute, ready to punch someone the next, everything between, so fun! And on top of that is temperature changes related to the hormone debocle. Hot as blazes peeling off clothes one minute and freezing and putting on layers shortly after. So fun! Also on the list is a beautiful and colorful array of acne. Woo hoo! I was hoping my teen skin would revisit me. This is fabulous! All joking aside, however, apart from a newfound moodiness, it is not so bad. I just have to keep praying to God to keep me from acting or speaking in accordance with my emotions. That is a pretty great game plan anyway, I think. 😉