Writing Slows in Summer AKA Ode to Summer Writers

In summer, I noticed writing slows, people’s thoughts are elsewhere, occupied by a frenzy of rushed vacations and manic relaxation. The flow of thought congeals under the pressure of too much heat and movement mixed, like a fan blowing hot air to quench an unsatisfyable need for cool and calm. And on we breathe, red hot as the air, miserable in the humidity, happier somehow in the rain that falls a few minutes every day to somehow provide a break, despite the miserable wetness of it. Rushed streams of thought are forced and flow thickly when they do attempt flow. Herein lies what I am observing on the blogs. Those unaffected by the heat and cludge of mass vacationmanship, those of us with more bills than income and can not get away, we still write. It is at least somewhere for our mind to go, our thoughts vacate to. So you fellow writers still expressing words from your thoughts, who still can, I thank you and delight in bathing myself in their richness. 😄❤

Choice Days

Summer at last. We have few engagements and fewer ambitions during these hot, long days. Our choice is to play, to lounge, to read, to think. It seems mundane, but slowing the pace allows for a more pronounced choice to love your family better. The favorite part of our day is morning devotions together. We love that because it is the foundation for the day and helps keep us focused on what is right and important. Otherwise our focus can be lost to obscurity with mundane days. There is a great opportunity in the lazy days of summer to refresh the soul and just have fun together as a family. We can all use a dose of boredom to have time to sort out our plans for the upcoming days and months and years and get some old fashioned playing done together. After God, family is that which matters most. It is beautiful to just pause the year and live life. Our goal is to keep it simple and enjoy it.