The Secret of Being Perfectly Humble

The more I think of things I could brag about, like my extraordinary laugh and love of life, I immediately thank God who made me this way. When I want to brag about my intelligence, I know God who gave it to me can take it away anytime He wishes and is Himself about a trillion times smarter than I. When someone compliments my piano playing or joy while playing or amazing dance moves (lol), I have to tell them God gave me that ability and many have far more and actually practice (little confession there lol). When I am complimented on my great sense of humor, I cannot take credit for God gave it to me and His is way better. I mean have you really studied a sloth? So, for me, I am good at stepping forward and am fearless about being on stage to talk, speak, play or sing or whatever but that is also a gift from God of faith. Then really I am just doing what I am given to do by God and that requires His constant allowance and grace on me. And I have found the secret. The trick that makes me so successful at what I do and who I am is not a perfect life, I did not ever have one of those and since dating, men put me down constantly (way to go, men). The secret is not a perfect life or pretending you have one. The secret of success and seeming perfection is at the first sign of problems, drop everything and surrender. Get down on my knees immediately and humble myself before God. I admit freely that I am nothing without God who made every inch of me. So I tell Him I need His help and beg Him to help me. I am shameless. I am actually a little proud to have finally figured it out but that also was a gift from God. So you see, nothing on me is mine, not even my life! All I am or own is God’s. So humble is easy with that perspective. Totally opposite what the world rams down our faces. To be perfect you do not have to look perfect or act perfect or have a perfect facade and mask on, you simply have to be perfectly humble. God can flow and do more through you than you could dream of doing or controlling or forcing alone. All that is bunk and and distraction. God is it. He is! Humble yourself and give it up to God and pray. I dare you. It works. It is a great secret, my great secret. God saves through Jesus Christ and heals and protects and nd strengthens and provides, any and everything good is from Him. Be perfectly humble and pray and see what delights come from it, cool things like peace and joy and beauty in nature and so on. It is well worth the experiment. 🙂

Our Anniversary

My husband and I are seven years old today. Both of us forgot at first, because so much is going on lately and we had band practice this morning. But we were reminded by a very good friend and get to go out tonight! Woo hoo! Lol 🙂 We have a comfort level in our marriage and work very well together. Getting together is easy, dramatic for some couples (not us by choice), but lust drives most couples together and desire for family to marry. We were both remarrying after bad marriages and so both appreciate each other that much more. And seven years have flown by and we are looking forward to as many more as is possible. We have had rough points, of course, but we don’t live in those, we move forward with God together, focusing on our good points. We met through music in a band and are still doing music in two bands. We talk a lot about all kinds of things. We spend time together and plan and do house projects together. We really have a wonderful marriage and we are thankful to God for each other. God is the key to success amend doing things in common together. So there you have it. We am render going to go eat now. Yummy! 🙂

Busyness vs. Success

Today was a very busy day. I got a lot accomplished in this one day with my family- a lot of running around, cleaning, mowing, meetings and a lot of exercise. I sit here exhausted at accomplishing too much and thankful that not every day is like this. It just so happens that I had some successes along the way today, but it doesn’t always work that way, does it? I home school my kids because it is best for our family. My philosophy is that less is more with children. You have to plan into the day time periods of nothing to process what they learned and think and just be kids. This is essential, in my opinion, but I know plenty of moms (homeschooled and otherwise) whose purpose in life seems to fill up every moment of their kids’ lives with events and activities. Other parents go the opposite extreme and do absolutely nothing but pay for computers and TV’s. Either scenario could completely eliminate or greatly dumb down any intellectual thought or social conversation and thus chances of true success in society is rather iffy. Also, interestingly, either scenario could produce successful kids. However, success and busyness are not one in the same. Just because you are doing tons of stuff does not mean that any of those things will be successful. So what determines success? What is success anyway? I think that answer is subjective for each person. For some success is a great job and promotion and accolades mixed with a wonderfully happy marriage and children in a nice house with nice cars. For some success is getting out of bed. But of course I would want to know what our Creator has to say about what success entails. Success in this light is finishing the race, living all your days reflecting His glory and living out the fruits of the Spirit and leading others to Christ for their salvation. It is simple. It doesn’t matter how busy you are/were . In fact, busyness can be a severe limitation to success because when you are so busy, you miss a lot of opportunities to do the Lord’s work and not just your own. It is so easy to get distracted. Maybe some quiet time is what we need most in our day to be truly successful.