Quilt Success Yay!

So, here is the complete quilt minus the backing and skirt. I am very happy. The detail work is completed so it is just straight handsewing from here in. Whew! I am a happy girl. I will show the finished product but the hardest work is over, praise God!! ❤
Happy, happy little girl! 🙂

The Key to Success

About a million books are written on this topic, so many that I roll my eyes when I see another one. And my method may not work for everyone because everyone is so different, but for me this works. Firstly, my qualifications: I came from a humble farming family in a small town in the Midwest with an abusive sibling, a neglectful parent, and moved out of the house at 16 years of age. An with all that history, I supported myself fully since moving out, paying my own way with a car and full time job and finished full time college to arrive at a doctorate, opened and operated my own private practice and have two really good kids, a good husband and beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, have written and published 4 books, have written and published songs, sang and played piano in bands for large audiences, and more. Now a lot of this is what people consider success and by most standards, I am very successful, rags to riches sort of thing. So I know something of success. But the more I have seen of it, the more convinced I am that the bulk of my success has nothing to do with my own strong will and work ethic and everything to do with my moments of humility where I let God take care of me. I am strong and confident and resourceful but God is all that and about a billion times more in every way. God knows everything and provides more and with love than we can. And my greatest success in my life came when I humbly crumbled in His arms and begged His help. And He provides substantially every single time you ask him to as your goal is to be closer to Him and not just get rich. See, the humble part is the biggest part but the other important part is your motivation for success. I want to please God and serve Him. That is it. I want that more than I want stuff, even nice stuff. That is real success: humble spirit of prayer and wanting to please God. That, my friends, is true success. The other stuff can get pretty distracting from true success. And true success is the only kind that yields eternal rewards. And that is what makes it true. ❤

In Love with my Husband

My husband and I are a team. We may annoy each other sometimes, but everyone does. We work well together. We play music well together and we can tell each other any and everything. It is really good to be able to have a relationship like that. We grow closer daily and I respect him. This is an age where few people stay together and fewer do happily, and I am honored to say that there is hope and seven years strong for us proves that. God chose wisely when he picked my husband for me. I have not always thought so because doubt hits everyone at some point on some level, and I am sure he has wanted to get away from me sometimes, but God worked it out as we remained obedient and loyal to the best of our abilities, and as we draw close to God, we draw close to each other and that is beautiful. It is worth celebrating such a rare gift. When God gives you a spouse, you becomes “us”. There is a cooperative, a common interest and goal, kids to raise together, household to run together. That is a precious thing, something worth putting an effort into and respecting and honoring. Apart from God, it is the most important entity and earns a lofty importance above that of just ourselves. If you cannot put your pride away sometimes in the interest of that precious and sacred bond, you rob your union of success by promoting yourself above it. We cannot do as much for God alone as we can together so we also rob God. So humbleness and time alone and together with God is an asset to any marriage and success is given by God. And a successful marriage is sweet and productive. What a blessing!

My Plans & Other Comedies

I am a planner. Don’t get me wrong, I love surprises (good ones), but I like to plan things so I can work toward a goal. Just how I am cut. But a really funny thing about my plans. They generally end up completely different than what I had envisioned. Sometimes that is a very bad thing for a bit and I end up learning a hard lesson from it but most often it ends up being better for some reason or another. You see, I have learned (mostly from those hard moments) that God’s plans are the ones that make it. And sometimes people’s free will interferes but even then He is never surprised. So, I may make daily plans now, but I stopped making longer plans unless I believe God has the same idea for us. His plans succeed, so I want to be on His team. So, I will follow Him and allow Him to lead me to the right plan and just do the right thing where I am at the moment. 🙂

What Success Looks Like

Everyone has this fantastic idea of what success looks like, usually based on some nonsense about what success looks like on someone else or what they have been told by others or some high level of perfection. None of that is anywhere close to the whole story. You see, true success is being who you were meant to be (God’s child first and foremost) the best way you can and giving the rest to God to complete through you. That is it. We were made by God to use our gift to worship Him. If you can accomplish that you are a success. See how simple it is? Everything else is a distraction from success unless related to your main goal of success. What you look like is a stupid goal, no offense to my body perfection friends. So many gorgeous bodies out there on some the least successful people I know because they care more about their looks than their character or heart and are using their gifts to glorify themselves and not worship God. Accumulations of money do not equal success. It is easily stolen and taxed from you and then what do you have to show from your lack of generosity? Rich people are not successful if they missed using their gifts to worship God not glorify themselves. God is generous. Powerful positions are held often by very unsuccessful people for the same reason. Gaining power became their sole purpose often and gifts were used to elevate themselves and not worship God. See the simplicity? See the distractions? God gives a simple purpose. Every time. Success is no exception. Success is doing what we were designed to do for our Designer! That is it. End of story. I wish you success. You got this! Hugs!!