Fake it ‘Til You Make it

I heard that slogan and, not being a big slogan girl, rolled my eyeballs and thought it was stupid. Those who don’t know me, I am about as real as it gets. I don’t fake anything on purpose and on principle. To me, it resembles a lie too much, it is a lie. Faking sick to get out of school was a lie. Faking a funeral to get out of work is a lie. So on, so forth. I don’t fake anything. But when we are someone we know and they ask how we are, we say fine whether we are fine or not. I used to think that was a fake/lie, but it seems more like “hi” rather than a genuine question and answer nowadays, we are as as society so inundated with lies now. But I digress. But I saw recently a use for this annoying phrase, “Fake it ’til you make it”. While I still find it dumb and contrary to my plight for honesty in all things, a point can be made for a strategy in dealing with depression. I never suffered from depression miraculously until I lost three very important and beloved people at one time. Since then I still fight to smile rather than cry and laugh at all. I fight to want to be fun, and these things were my natural bent. I am a fun loving honest natural girl, loved by all until they see how weird I am. But I have not been myself. I miss them. And because my inner friendship and family love circle is so tiny (those few who get and love the weird musician/artist/honest thing), a huge part of my world was dropped from under me. And yes, God comforts those who mourn and yes, absolutely God strengthens and nd heals stronger. Definitely! There are just these human emotion things floating about screwing everything up and it seems difficult to shake off and be light and carefree again. Because I care and love so deeply. So to fake happy might actually be a tool until I am fully happy. My family is helping and my few friends and maybe just pretending to be happy is and good strategy to get into practice of n it again rather than practicing my sad constantly. Maybe that is one way to pull out of this funk and head for higher ground. The Bible does say to dwell on the good. Might work, I will keep you posted, as many I know suffer from some form of depression. Love you!