Seasons/Ebbs & Flows

There are a myriad of seasons in life: growth, decline, learning, forgetting, deep love, cold remembrances, exploration, settling, building, moving, strengthening, weakening , exercising, and neglect. These seasons ebb and flow like the tide, sometimes mingling together in the waves for a time but ever changing. And this is our lot in life, our epic journey we must make to our eternal destination of our choice, heaven or hell. We walk this road, this tidal path. It is an adventure, sometimes happy, sometimes heart-breaking and everywhere between. Keep journeying for the right, dear friend. Keep your focus on our Savior Jesus Christ and He will maintain your peace amidst all the changes. He is faithful and just and hope and truth. Woo hoo! ❤


Common to all people are disappointments, feelings of sadness when our hopes in someone/something/some circumstance are crushed or damaged. People lie or break a promise or betray your trust. Plans fall through. People get sick. Cars break down. Unexpected expenses pop up. All these things are cause for disappointment. Happens so often. But there is comfort in the fact that the God of this enormous universe is our Friend and loves us and when His Son Jesus came to earth, people disappointed Him a lot- Judah who betrayed Him, the 9 healed lepers who didn’t even say thank you, the men who demanded Him to leave after doing the community a favor and casting out demons out of two problem men, the people He came to save crusading Him, and so on. Of course there is much much good in life mixed in bit how we handle disappointments tells a lot about our moral integrity and strength of character. Do we mope? Get depressed? Turn to addictions to very temporarily fix it? Or do we pray and read the truth to counter it? That is the right choice. I want to forgive and grow from disappointments to be wiser and better. I want to do the right thing anyway, despite all odds or bad advise. I want to answer it with love and grace as God always answers me.❤

Children’s Life Lessons

When I prepare studies and lesson plans for my homeschooled children, I always first make a mental note of what I want my kids to know character-wise or morally before we begin the day. For instance, if I caught my son in a lie attempt, I would have honesty and integrity as a priority for a life lesson. So, all through the day, I would look for any way I can fit in honesty and its importance throughout the other subjects of study. In history, I might talk about our national hero George Washington and how honest he was considered. I may mention in Bible class that Ananias and Sapphira were struck dead because of lying to the Lord. I would mention that as we do math problems, these numbers had to be relied upon to be consistently true or we would have chaos and could not depend upon them. I would do a science experiment that would show a reaction between a mislabeled ingredient and our reagent would react badly because I was counting on it to be one thing and it was another because the label lied and something bad/unexpected happened. You get my point? Yes, the studies are important but how much more important it is to ensure to the best of our ability our children’s character and moral standards! It is vital that we encourage and reinforce the learning of essential life skills for our kids. This will help them in the short and long run and keep them informed and knowledgeable about what we expect from them and more importantly what God requires of them. Kids left to their own devices will end up looking like little narcissists running around with an overinflated ego with a deflated reason for it. Spiritual maturity should and must be a higher priority than school studies. If not, we are doing a disservice to them, us, society at large and God. However, when we put extra effort into training our children spiritually and teach them wonderful morals and values, we prepare them for anything that comes their way and they have the empowerment to make the right decisions every time in every situation. We are training Christ followers as well as future spouses, politicians, lawyers, doctors, garbage men, police men, etc. We want a world that is good so we have to teach goodness to our kids.