The Happy Things

Sure it easy to see the bad things, downright evil things, ugliness around us. That is easy. What is a challenge is finding the little happy moments inside those and focusing on them. For every situation that hurts, there is a chance to grow and heal. For every tear there is a laugh. For every heartache there is a breath of grace. For every heart wrenching cry there is a comfort. God never allows one without providing the other, because He is a loving Father. Our challenge and tool for hope and survival is the finding of that. God promises also we will never have to endure more than we can. Sometimes it feels a lot like it, hopes shattered, sadness presses, loneliness attacks, and you wonder. Then as you are thinking that, you hear out of the corner of your ear your kid’s laughter or find your favorite chocolate bar on sale or get an encouraging note from your best friend that says you are not a loser or you trip on air and fall crazy onto the couch and just laugh at the block was of that. There is always a smile to be had, a laugh to find. Do not give up searching for it. It will get you through the dark by means of its light.                                      

Truffle Curiosity

I have never tasted or smelled or looked at a truffle. Great chefs seek them out, pay a fortune for them and wow their patrons. My mind cannot comprehend a mushroom worth $250 an ounce or whatever ridiculous amount it is. I thought $4 for a package of portabellas is a lot. But I got to thinking that maybe the worth of the truffle comes from how hard it is to obtain it. Its rarity and struggle to find and dig them up, the research and investigation and pain and agony and most of all time it takes to get these shrooms tells a great story. Maybe the priceless value of health lies in the cost of the prior accumulation of sicknesses, building up your immune system one antibody at a time. Maybe the value of extreme happiness of a loving relationship comes at the cost of many failed attemps and struggles. Maybe the good can only be valued and esteemed highly after the struggle through the bad. The good news is the good news. The struggle is worth it later. At the time will frustrate the heck out of you and cost a lot up front but in the end you get the best or your perception of the best. Good things really do come to those who wait and are consistent a d work through challenges. It is worth it. Do not under any circumstance give up.

Struggles and Success

There can be no success without struggles because there is no victory without a battle and no winner without a competition. I have struggled with making ends meet, supporting myself and for years myself and my son, starting a business from scratch, divorce, remarriage, in laws, outlaws, addiction, insecurities with weight and appearance, colleges, colleagues, bad employers, etc. The list goes on further, but you get my point. Whatever struggles we face, Satan wants us to think we are alone in the struggle. Later, after most were over, the Lord gave me the vision to see that all struggles are common to most other people and we are never ever alone. God did not create us special just to abandon us in hard times. He is not flippant with His love and attends to us as soon as we humbly ask Him. And we must never be hard on ourselves. When we are forgiven, we must work to forget as the Lord does and forgive ourselves and even that is a success. One thing to remember is to realize successes in God’s eyes look different than successes in the world’s eyes. The world sees the dream of a nice job, nice car, attractive spouse, perfect children, manicured lawn, great vehicles, vacation home, whatever. In God’s eyes, success is obedience and worship and everything else in line with His Word for us. Little things such as opening the door for someone or carrying something for someone are successes. Success is telling the truth even when it is hard. Success is not viewing something that detracts from our walk with the Lord. Success is taking cars of your children. Huge success is sharing the Lord with someone. Success can be sharing instead of hoarding. And the more pride we have to overcome and struggle with first makes the victory over it that much sweeter and more meaningful.

God’s Protection

Whatever storm rages around us or on us, we have the only protection we will ever need. God provided for us and protected us once and for all through the sacrificial death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, we need never fear death because there is no more death. There is only a passing from body to glorified body and then rewards and being with God in communion with Him for all of eternity. So, what is there to fear? Even in this life, we have the incredible gift of His Holy Spirit who give us fabulous presents anytime we ask such as peace and joy and unconditional love. If we listen to His Word and to Him as we pray, we also will receive guidance and wisdom to weather any storm. Life here will be a myriad or tests and temptations and badness but there is also good and happiness when we seek it out and there is always this immeasurable treasure of salvation to provide hope and comfort no matter what the circumstance. God will sometimes keep us from bad things but sometimes bad things have to happen to prepare for something worse down the line or to help so done else or grow us in maturity, whatever, but God knows perfectly well what He is doing and it is always always for the best. May His will be done. We are blessed going and coming and regardless of the circumstances. We are very blessed because we are saved, if for no other reason. This temporary life is just that, temporary, and glory is coming after. So, things smashing against you trying to rip you apart, keep your chin up and eyes to heaven, for you already have residence there and this world has nothing in comparison. Who needs a bed of roses in this life. I have a gold mansion.