Only Three Pounds to Goal

I pause here with selfie in order to bring glory to God and praise Him for providing the strength for me to obey Him in the area of food. I only have 3 pounds to my goal of 50 pounds down. I have lost 47 pounds to date. This has been an act of obedience in an area where I had a stronghold… food. People can have strongholds that keep them from eating, that cause people to gorge themselves then purge, or over-eat/indulge in gluttony. All of these are treated with obedience to Jesus; the love relationship with Him is what shatters strongholds, heals and strengthens us. And God is definitely my Savior in every way and I am so blessed and happy to be obedient to Him in this last stronghold of my life. God is so very good!!❤❤❤

What I Do Wrong

There are things I do right, some very well. There are other things I do wrong. Maybe you can relate to one of these. I am an angry driver when anyone thinks while they are driving that the earth revolves around them and they can drive accordingly. I tend to wish I was right more than I actually am right. I tend to act on those incorrect suppositions sometimes. I tend to not punish my second child for wrongs as much as I did my first because they aren’t quite as big a deal as I thought they once were. I tend to act and then think, much to the chagrin of my conscious when I find I stuck my foot in it again. I tend to live life first and clean up after it second. I rev up the engines of my mind before all the information hits it and backfires. I say too much at inappropriate times. All these things I freely admit to struggling with and the Lord is gaining solid ground on all these areas. We all have weaknesses. We all have evils that resurface. However, you are fooling yourself if you think these are coincidental and you come against your areas of weakness as any coincidence. Where you have fallen, you will at some point be tempted again. Why? Because our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and powers of this present darkness. You are under attack and the enemy tries everything until you give in to one of his certain types of attacks. Then he is lazy and just keeps pushing you toward that same temptation again and again. He just relentlessly tries until you give in again and then he goes after that thing stronger. His goal is for your sin to become a stronghold to distract you and keep you from a right relationship with the only Savior, Jesus Christ. I used to have worse sins, stronghold that were much stronger than my current subset but I am free of them now. Why? Because I am some holy and strong saintly person? No. Because I had help. I finally told someone I trusted about my “secret” sin (none of which is new to anyone on earth) and they helped me be accountable and prayed with me. Jesus Christ freed me and until then, I hadn’t understood how trapped and duped and idiotic I had been. Sometimes we need help, accountability. Other times we need strong prayer and repentance and just saying no. That depends on the habit of the sin and how embedded it is into your life. God can pull you out and there is freedom on the other side of it, life as He intended, and of course the amazing reward of heaven after it all. Hope is in Christ! And He is coming soon!