Hustle & Bustle

I can feel excitement around me. I can also feel a whole lot of tension. I can feel it. I can feel the tension of marketers working for their pay demanding we buy this and this cool thing for our kids and every other person on earth. Buy, buy, buy. Spend, spend, spend. Tension of other people buying that garbage and in the mix, “I gotta get that even if I don’t have enough money.” Some people are cool and some are just really tense and like about to blow or knock someone down or something.

And what is my response? How do I stay excited and skip the tense drama maddening otherwise really good people? I say with a smile, “Well, that’s nice” and leave it all to them. You can have it. I am preparing for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. The whole month is in preparation. I buy ingredients for our homemade cake. I am as generous and thoughtful as I can afford. I teach my kids something but the story every day. I serve people, help them, do things, bearing in mind how much Jesus did for us and does now. So just because someone offers you a plate, you don’t have to eat what is on it. “That’s nice” and walk away to do what you know is right and best. Tension and drama are not accepted and welcomed here. 😄❤

Just This Side of Crazy

Been balanced lately and doing quite well. And don’t worry, I am at peace and in joy and love with God. Today, however, under stress of heat, too much sun, too much work in both, cleaning mom’s house, walking her dog, kids misbahaving, not enough sleep, doubling up my morning walk, this momma hit a near crazy today. God helped me when I asked, just wished I had asked earlier and not done so much, but such is life. I am forgiven. The thing is, I realized this one thing is still plaguing me. I blogged about it a bit ago and thought I had fully kicked it to the curb but I am stubborn sometimes when I should not be. It is great sometimes but is a powerful tool that can be used for good or evil. So, when stress is high and crazy is looming, seems like that is when old haunts return to further stir the pot and double confusion. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Not for one second. See, our enemy wants us dead. Plays a great, alluring make believe, elaborate game with us, but lying scum the entire time, scum that throws you away like garbage as soon as possible and leaves you for dead. Pretends to love and dishes out a hate dessert. This is why I (and we all) need to get enough rest and stay healthy (physically and spiritually) to keep our guard up and be ready when too much comes our way, which it is bound to. I am going to bed now after a long talk with God and be more ready next time. This life thing is a series of attacks and adjustments all and long the path. I am so thankful we have God and each other for help and support. Be the light! Love you! ❤

As the Step Quickens

Many things to be afraid of. There are many things that can make your step quicken and heart beat faster, blood pressure raise, breath hasten. Stress is everywhere. Some are valid, some are invented/perceived, some are a combination of both. There is certainly much, very much to be afraid of. If. There is much to be afraid of IF you do not believe God is bigger than anything and that He is on your side. I honestly do not understand how people get through life at all without Him. He made everything, all of us, all we see, so to deny His power in  intervening on our behalf when we ask Him is quite precocious at best, foolishly harmful at worst. So, it is a matter of what extent do I believe that to be true? Do I really believe God intervenes on our behalf when we ask? Do I believe He is stronger than anything He created? My dad, the retired Marine and farmer, taught me not to be afraid of anyone but God. I asked why we should be afraid of God and He replied that He is a Spirit Force that can wipe us out anytime He wanted. Not reassuring as a kid, but as an adult I see what He is saying. He can do that, yes, He can do anything, but He loves us and protects us as my daddy did and as he later taught me to do for my future family at the time and whoever comes against us, we only need to raise our eyes to our Heavenly Daddy and help will come. He would move heaven and earth to help us, as we would for our loved ones, our kids, our family. So truly, because of His immense power and love for us, there is nothing on this planet to be afraid of. He has this all. God is the master. We are here to use our gifts to help people and worship Him and take care of business. That is it. Everything else is distraction and nonsense and traps and stupidity and enemy’s interference and tests and lies. One of those. Determining that is our goal and fear will be made short use of. If we determine the trick, test, lie, distraction or nonsense keeping us from our peace and joy and love and security in God here, we win and fear is eliminated. It really is that simple. And God can help us with that too! So we move forward in faith that God is God and we are we. And fear becomes a pimple in the road to be treated not allowed to develop into worry and stress. Giving the problems to God in faith and prayer frees us to live life and God to fight our battles for us. And He never loses. Not ever. He wins. So we win. Woo hoo!!! 🙂

The Exercist

I am from a family of genetically large individuals. Being the shortest of them all at a whopping 5’1″ in height, any extra weight I carry is obvious to all. More importantly, any extra weight decreases my energy. And since I have some to lose, one thing I am doing to obtain energy is exercise. Now, I have two young children full time all the time, so the only time I can exercise seriously is in the morning before my kids wake up. Thankfully, we have an exerciser in the house so this is possible. One thing I forgot to mention is that I am not a morning person. Those who know me are laughing right now at the gross understatement that is. I generally am not fit to speak to until I have at least one of my two morning cups of coffee. I have always been a night person. So, getting up in the morning is not as easy as it would be for say my husband, who is up bright and cheerfully at 5:30am whether he works that day or not. That boggles my mind. Anyway, I digress. The one thing I have discovered that helps me breathe better, be less stressed and have more energy is to get up early and exercise at least 30 minutes straight. When I do this, I have more energy in my day, wake up faster and breathe better. I believe physical fitness is not everything but it is something. We are created to be spiritual beings in a physical body and we need to care for that body, the Holy Spirit’s home, as we would the home we live in when we have company. (This is another reason for purity of body and mind.) So, I forge on through the horrors of waking while the sun is not yet up (truly horrifying) to accomplish a goal, which is ultimately to be prepared for whatever service God wants me to do for the day. He may want me to walk or run with someone to draw them to Himself, he may need me to hike a mountain with a group and minister to them, or he may just want me to be able to care for my granddaughter and parents as well as my husband and kids and homeschooling and lead worship, just as a random example. 🙂 We must be ready for whatever opportunities for service arise so we will be counted worthy in God’s kingdom. Exercising early for me works but anytime would do. Exercise time is a great opportunity to pray and get your mind right with the Lord. When we are faithful with what He entrusts to us, He blesses us and gives us more.